What’s on YOUR resumé?

God can't use meIf I was looking for a great group of friends to depend on I probably wouldn’t choose any of Jesus’ disciples, they all ran from Him when He needed them the most. (Matthew 26:56)

If I was looking for someone to represent our nation in public, I probably wouldn’t choose Moses. He had a speaking issue and didn’t do well in front of crowds. (Exodus 4:10)

If I was looking for someone to defend and fight for my country I probably wouldn’t choose Samson, he got sidetracked and distracted by women a little too easily. (Judges 14:1-2, Judges 16:1, Judges 16:4)

If I was looking for someone to be the next president of the United States I probably wouldn’t choose David, the only thing he had experience in leading was sheep. (1 Samuel 16:11)

If I was looking for a missionary to send out to preach the gospel I probably wouldn’t choose Saul, the man who was persecuting the missionaries already preaching the gospel. (Acts 8:3)

If I was a person in a position of authority and any of these men’s resumés ended up on my desk… well, they would probably find their way to the recycle bin pretty quickly.

But although by worldly standards they don’t even come close to measuring up and meeting the requirements of being chosen by God for any special task, God chooses to use every single one of them for His glory. Why?

I think the answer can be found in what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:9My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Sometimes NOT meeting all the requirements for something is the best qualification you can possess because only then can all credit go to God for working through you to achieve something you could never achieve on your own.

These great men from the Bible did extraordinary things. Not because they were extraordinary… but because they had a God that was extraordinary. And because of this they had a testimony to share.

Moses: “I didn’t get a degree in public communications and I don’t know how to speak well in front of crowds, but with God’s help I was able to speak to the Israelites and lead them out of slavery in Egypt”

David: “I never took any classes on leadership and the only thing I could lead was sheep, but with God’s help I was able to lead the whole nation of Israel into victory”

Saul: “I graduated with ALL the degrees and all the right classes, but it wasn’t until I was taught by God himself was I able to achieve anything great for His kingdom by spreading His gospel to all the gentiles”

And YOU can have that same testimony as well.

Whether it’s in your personal life. In ministry. In your career.

There is no limit to where you can go or what you can do with God’s help.

In this world it’s not always about what you know but rather who you know.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the most amazing resumé, IQ or network circle because you have a connection to the greatest source of all: God – Creator of the heavens and the earth.

If you obey and trust Him He will open doors you’ve never expected, take you places you’ve only dreamed of, and put the right people in your path to get you exactly where He wants you to be.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to college and earn a degree. If you have the ability to do so, you should.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to connect with people in fields you’d like to work in or in places you’d want to be. You should meet them and learn from them.

All it means is that if you don’t measure up… it’s ok. God can still use you where He wants to. He can still do something great through you.

Because it glorifies Him to use us when we are unqualified by the standards of the world.

It glorifies Him to use us when our resumés seem to always find their way into the recycle bin.

So remain faithful to God with where you are at today.

Maybe all you’re doing right now is watching after sheep.

Maybe you’re just attending college classes and you don’t know if there is even a job lined up for you when you graduate.

Maybe you’re just working at a job that you would trade in for something better in a minute if you could.

Don’t lose heart.

Obey God where He has placed you at this moment, but if you are looking to do something more and you have no clue how in the world you’re going to get there, don’t be discouraged. God sees your heart and your desire and He will get you there when it’s time (if it’s His Will of course).

If you remain faithful to Him to where He has called you to be and what He has called you to do today then He will be faithful in making sure you get exactly where you need to be in life so that you can glorify Him even more.

God can and will use you no matter how unqualified you seem.

The only qualification He is looking for is a heart that is willing to serve, hands that are willing to give, and a life that can be willingly laid down for His glory.

Maybe you are “too young” like Mary…. don’t be discouraged, age isn’t something God looks at. He chose a young virgin to bear His own Son.

Maybe you have a past that haunts you every day just like Paul who persecuted the same group of people he would one day come to love and sacrifice his life for to share the gospel to. But God can help you move forward and create a better future with Him no matter how dark your past is.

Maybe you are un-educated, un-trained, and un-prepared to be a leader of any sort, but so were Jesus’ disciples whose training was mostly in catching fish and doing ordinary jobs. God will train you, educate you, and prepare you in the way only He can for the task He calls you to do.

There are no excuses you can use for not believing and allowing God to use you for His kingdom.

He used the most ordinary men and women in human history to do extraordinary things for His kingdom.

To change the world.

And He can without doubt use you.

Your resumé doesn’t limit you.

Your background doesn’t limit you.

Your job doesn’t limit you.

Your history doesn’t limit you.

Your age doesn’t limit you.

Only you can limit you.

So today… don’t limit yourself to what is written on your resumé or to how ordinary and insignificant you think you are.

Allow God to show you exactly how He can use you to fulfill His purposes.

How He can help you do the impossible with Him.

You can stick to being ordinary and do nothing because you are too afraid to trust God or you can choose to do extraordinary things because you will walk with faith with Him.

Choose to be extraordinary.

God bless you! Anna… ♥

“Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.” – 1 Corinthians 1:27

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46 thoughts on “What’s on YOUR resumé?

  1. We don`t have resumes in the UK, we have CVs but these are not important. God can use your education and qualifications if he wants but too much reliance is put on these things by Christians and churches. What you need is the fire of the Holy Spirit and passion for Jesus. Too many theology degrees and professional Christians and leaders. We don`t need an intellectual and safe Christianity. We need a generation of Josephs that have been trained in the real world and can relate to real people not a generation of nice Christians that stick to a set formula of Bible School and leadership academies. David refused the armour of Saul when he went to face Goliath. Why? Because the armour of Saul was the armour of man. That is what people allow their qualifications and church training to become. The safe armour of man made institutions. All of Pauls education was stripped away until he knew nothing except Christ crucified. All the education and the finest schools in Egypt were stripped from Moses until he said that he would not go on without the Presence of God. We need the very Presence of the Living God coursing through our veins. The days of intellectual Christianity are coming to an end.


      • Give Him your brokenness and He will pour His oil on your ashes. Blessed, happy and to be envied are the poor in spirit. These are the followers He seeks. As John the Baptiser said “Let me decrease, let Him increase”. Humility, true and not contrived, is only produced when you have actually been humbled. It’s how we respond to the reproofs of life. We are on a journey. The Master has called us. And He is only truly Master and Lord over every aspect of our lives – our motives, our character and nature, our desires, our plans, our needs etc – if we allow Him to be. I personally do not want to hold anything back. He not only wants all of our hearts in terms of filling us with His love but He seeks our utter obedience through the motivation of our love towards Him. A heart that says “Yes Jesus…I will do it….I will because I love you”. This is the natural reaction caused by love. The measure of how far you will go and how much you are willing to sacrifice is in relation to how deep the love is. If is is an immature love, a “puppy love” that simply says the words but does not follow through then it is not a love that has been matured. It is simply singing the songs and going through the motions. It is stepping out of the church and reserving your true passion for other things.

        Post-modern western Christianity is the culture in which we conduct much of our institutionalised faith. This means that the true life of being a disciple and follower of Jesus has been replaced by a progressive diluting of what that actually means. Christianity has been institutionalised within man-made church sytems and some go as far as to say it is actually counterfeit in many aspects. There are many who truly yearn for more. To lay down more, to serve Him more, to utterly surrender. Today, as we sit here, people who are actually our brothers and sisters in Christ, have paid with their lives. Hunted down and murdered on the basis of one fact. Confessing to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Let us hold nothing back. Jesus alone is worthy.


      • Anna, sorry but I don’t think I have properly figured out how to post comments on this system. The “Martin” on this one is me…I think it has to do with logging in. I will figure it.


        • I figured you were the same Martin 🙂 Do you have a blog of your own? You have so many deep thoughts I’m sure it would be beneficial for other Christians to read. I agree with you that Post-modern Christianity isn’t always the way God intended believers to live their faith out. Sometimes it seems like we include more of the world in our church than the church in our world 😦 Jesus is worth so much more than what many of us give Him with our lives.


          • True. I desire to love not my life, even to death. Today I have again been reading about the persecuted church. I have not really thought seriously about doing a blog. Yours has a theme of encouragement and is outward in focus towards uplifting others which is why the Holy Spirit led me to it at this time. We have to avoid being self publicists I believe. There is a bit of that about these days and a real celebrity culture within western Christianity.


            • Well, if you have any inkling of desire to share your thoughts in the blogging world I think many people (especially me) would appreciate it. I agree with you, being a self-publicist is something so ingrained in our culture. Which is why I love writing on here, it’s mostly all about God and rarely about me and in the process you get to connect and share with other bloggers. 🙂 You should definitely think about it!


              • Thanks. That’s kind encouragement. I will give it some extra thought. Your writings have especially helped me at this time. I get a deep sense that you offer your life as a vessel to the Holy Spirit to be used for His ways so I would like to honour you for this.


          • Your blog is truly engaging Anna and reflects your sincere heart to exhort others. It is not self indulgent but brave and open. Your heart comes through clearly. As said, I am thankful to have been led to it at this particular time.


  2. You totally nailed this! I’m moving into areas of service where I am without credentials, without a degree of any sort, or anyone to recommend me for the work! In addition, I’m NOT qualified…if I do it alone. This seems to be the Lord’s thing, I know He will guide.

    Thanks for the post!


    • That’s so exciting Tami! I feel like I’m in the same exact place! (Which is probably why I wrote this). But I have been here more than once before and God has always come through for me when I least expected it and He will come through for you as well!

      I guess faith wouldn’t be called “faith” if it meant that we could see the end result would it? May you continue trusting God for what He’s calling you to do and where He is taking you next! Blessings to you! 🙂


  3. I so needed this post! Thank you!! “Sometimes NOT meeting all the requirements for something is the best qualification you can possess because only then can all credit go to God for working through you to achieve something you could never achieve on your own.” Every time I’ve had to work on my resumé I loathed it. I hated it because there’s nothing special about my qualifications or past jobs. I have no great accomplishments to speak of that the world applauds. I feel God has given me some dreams I just don’t know how to get there and I certainly don’t feel qualified. Thank you for the reminder that because I serve an extraordinary God I can do extraordinary things! Without Him I can do nothing! 🙂


    • Amen! Our resumés are pretty much meaningless to God. We might not have accomplished things that the world applauds but as long as we have a heart for Jesus He can use our weaknesses and lack of qualification to achieve amazing things for Him for His glory!

      May God help you pursue those dreams He has given you in His timing, in His way, and with His help! Be blessed! 🙂


  4. Wow I loved this post! So encouraging – it gave me faith! I am currently at a point of great change in life and try to listen to God as much as I can in order to help guide me in the right direction.


  5. What a great blog, so encouraging. I especially like the reminder about “it’s not what you know, it’s Who you know..” Praise God, He is the best reference we’ll ever need for ANYTHING.


  6. One reason why I haste reading your post once received from my email is to be bless on how God gives you wisdom in sharing things that certainly gives honor and glory unto His name.. 🙂 Blessing Anna ♥


    • It is most definitely God because I can’t say I’m full of too much wisdom on my own 😉 I’m happy that I can do what I love (write) and find a way to bring God glory through it! And in the process I get introduced to some incredible believers in faith around the world who do the same (like you!) 🙂

      I hope you have a great week Mae! May you continue walking strong in faith and sharing what God has been putting on your heart to encourage others. Be blessed!


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