Worth more than gold

label1Ugly. Not talented. Alone. Useless. Fat. Hopeless. Unwanted. Dumb. Not good enough.

These are just a few of many labels that people are given. Labels the world gives them, labels people give them, and sadly…labels that they often give themselves.

I’m sure one point in life we’ve all felt inadequate, unwanted, or just not good enough.

Maybe someone made a remark about you that made you feel like less than nothing, maybe you keep on trying but always fail, or maybe your enemy, Satan, is just doing a good job of deceiving you into believing you are something you are not.

I have news for you. You’re not allowed to label yourself.

Who labels the pepsi bottle that you drink? The person who created pepsi.

Who labels the shoes you just bought? The person who created those shoes.

I can peel off that pepsi or shoe label but the label I may give it will never replace its original label created by its creator. I may not like the ingredients in pepsi, I may not like the style of shoes but my opinion of either will not change anything about them.

If people can’t label you, if the world can’t label you, if YOU can’t label you then who can?

Your creator. God.

He created you with a purpose.

He knows your worth.

He knows your “ingredients”.

He alone is able to label you for who you really are. And last time I checked “dumb”, “not wanted”, or “not good enough” are not part of any of His labels.

You want to know God’s definition of you? Look into His Word and you’ll find it there in black and white.

Just in case you’ve forgotten God’s label of you here are a few bible verses to help you remember:

– You are PRECIOUS – Isaiah 43:4

– You are ONE OF A KIND – Psalm 139:14

–  You are FAVORED – Psalm 5:12

–  You are BLESSED – Deuteronomy 28:1-14

–  You are LOVED- John 3:16

This is God’s label of you. Don’t let anyone else (including yourself) label you otherwise.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you are worthless when you are worth more than gold – (1 Peter 1:18) – you were worth the precious blood of Jesus.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you are unwanted when Jesus came down from heaven because He wanted a relationship with you. Because He wants nothing more than for you to spend eternity with Him.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you are not good enough when your Creator made you with His own hands just the way He wanted to. You are good enough to Him. You don’t need to prover your worth to anyone else.

You know why my blog site is titled “Daughter by Design“? Because it’s a daily reminder to me of whose daughter I am.

I am a daughter designed by the hands of God.

Precious and beautiful in His sight.

It reminds me that no matter what worth I have or don’t have in this world, I will always find my worth in one man alone: Jesus.

And that no matter how others see me He will always see me as His precious daughter.

And He sees you exactly the same.

You have an Almighty God who is by your side, ready to remind you of this every single day.

Today, don’t forget whose you are. Don’t forget how precious you are. Don’t allow the world to give you labels that are not true. Be blessed! – Anna… 

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalm 139:14

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bullypeopleforgottenphoto credit: [kirthi] via visualize


37 thoughts on “Worth more than gold

  1. Reblogged this on Allie's Afflatus and commented:
    This video is something that all young women need to hear. I think too often our vision of who we are as a woman is construed by the lies and traps of this world. We fall into the lies of a boyfriend or even the temptation of the mirror telling us we don’t look good enough. My prayer for you today is that you realize how much you are truly worth!

    Ran across another blog post about this exact topic and I couldn’t have said it better:


    • I’m so glad!! You should NEVER feel worthless because you are so precious and you make a difference in people’s lives (whether you know it or not). Don’t let those negative thoughts stick around because they are not true!


  2. So so needed… @Jesuslikespizza sent me this link today, knowing that I have been struggling with eating/nutrition/body image. This was absolutely a reality check I needed. I place so much of my worth in food and exercise and how I look (or don’t look but WANT to look) and it takes all my thoughts and energy away from being a daughter of God and serving him and thanking him for Life everyday. This was beautiful and totally sent to me by Jesus today!!!

    Have a great night….. and thank you 🙂


    • That’s so great Andrea! I’m glad she shared the link with you 😉 It’s so easy to start focusing on things that are important (nutrition and body image) and then make it more important than it really should be compared to everything else in life. May God help you focus more on Him daily as you remember that you’re His daughter and that you have an incredible life to live with Him!!

      Have a blessed day!


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  4. How do you accept your new, true label when all you’ve known was what others labelled you / what you labelled yourself, for your entire life? What if you haven’t known anything different? How do you accept that?


    • Growing up, I was given all those labels and many, many more. In fact, when my pastor’s wife handed me a notepad and told me to write down everything I’d been called, I quickly gave her a full sheet with two and a half columns. Some were embarrassing to write down they were so filthy. She glanced at it, handed it back and said, “Do you realize that this is who you believe you are?” That stunned me!

      She said, “Let’s ask the Lord to tell you what He thinks of you.” We dropped our heads in prayer and she asked Him.

      The first word that came to mind I quickly dismissed. It was so foreign to me that I was sure it was wrong.

      She paused and asked, “Did He say anything?”

      I replied, “Yes, but that wasn’t true.” (Oh, I’d been taught well!)

      “What was it?” she asked.

      “Beloved.” I replied and began to tell her why it wasn’t true.

      Barb interrupted me with, “Aww! Isn’t that sweet?” Then she continued, “Lord, is there anything else?”

      I giggled, and she asked, “What?”

      I said, “Delightful! He called me ‘Delightful!’ ”

      That was the beginning of a brand new identity for me. After all, Jesus said, “You shall KNOW the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

      Go ahead and ask Him. Trust me, once you hear from the Lord, no one will have the power to define you ever again!


    • I think what Tami shared with her story is a good first step to take.

      Go to God and ask Him to tell you how He sees you and then ask Him to help you start not only believing it but also living by it.

      In Christ we all have a new life and a new beginning, and although the past and everything that comes with it tries to hold us back from living out this new life with His help we’ll be able to overcome all of those things that stand in the way of us truly taking Him at His word and living life with Him.

      He is our strength in our weakness and when you are too weak or too doubtful to believe in His truth about you and you being His precious, beloved daughter you can ask Him to be your strength and to help you fight all those negative thoughts that come into your mind and He will.

      It won’t be easy. But it’s so much better than holding on to the pain of the past (and present) and to the labels people have given you.

      Hope this helped you a little. 🙂 Walk strong Denise – I know you can make it through and be victorious and an overcomer at the end!


  5. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!! I especially like the comparison of label creators such as Pepsi. What a creative way of looking at it. Very nice post 🙂 I’m definitely reblogging this. SOOOOO many need to hear its positive message.


    • Thanks! The creativity kicks in… once in a while 😉 And I agree, everyone needs to hear this message because I’m sure we have all been “labeled” in some way or another one point in life. By the way, what’s your name? (If you don’t mind sharing it) I hate not being able to refer to a person’s name when I’m responding to them 😉


  6. Wondeful message. Like “The Damsels Retreat” I love this song. I love the analogy you gave of a company labeling their product. That is so true! I can’t label myself, and others can’t. Only my Maker can. Thanks for another great post! I loved it.


    • Thanks Adelina. The sooner we realize that it’s only what God says about us that determines our worth not what others say about us will it be easier to live our life confidently knowing how precious and loved we are by our Heavenly father. 🙂 His label is so much more important than any label a person can give us! Hope you have a lovely night!


    • No problem Moriah. I agree. Every girl needs to be reminded of how incredibly precious she is in God’s eyes, because honestly it’s something that we seem to forget too often. And I absolutely love this song as well! It’s so encouraging. 🙂 God bless you even more! 😉


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