Standing God up

fake christianThere’s few things worst in this world then being stood up by someone you care about.

Then being rejected or ignored by someone you love.

Then esteeming someone as a very important person in your life when you are the least important in theirs.

And it always leaves you feeling one thing: sad.

Sad that once again that the person that seemed like they cared about you so much didn’t actually care about you all that much after all.

The few times it has happened to me I remember God speaking softly to my heart and telling me “Anna, this is exactly how I feel.

So many people tell me how much they care about me but every day they keep on passing me by.

They won’t stop to spend a minute with me.

They run to their friends when problems arise before they run to me.

In the morning their snooze button is more important than me.

At night the remote control for their tv is more important than me.

So many people talk about how they are so excited to finally meet one on one with me. They schedule time with me into their planners. They tell their friends about how much they love me.

And when that time finally comes something better just happens to “come up” last minute. And once again, I’m left hanging.

Once again I realize how important I really am to them.

Not important enough.”

Imagine with me for a little while about a husband who “loves” his wife “so” much.

He raves to his friends about how amazing she is.

He can’t stop talking about how he can’t live his life without her.

He always talks about how she’s the best friend he has ever had.

But when he comes home after work at night instead of heading over to the kitchen to share a meal that she has prepared for him, he heads over to the couch and stares at the tv screen.

Instead of spending some time with his precious wife that he loves “so” much he passes her by without a second glance.

Sounds ironic doesn’t it?

He must not be the same man that was just telling his friends about this amazing woman he can’t live his life without, right?

Yet he is.

And often times we are just like this man.

We show up to church on Sunday and we can’t stop talking about how amazing God is.

About how we can’t imagine living a day without Him.

About how good He is to us and how blessed we are to have Him in our life.

About how we can’t wait to spend more time in His presence.

We love God “so” much on Sunday morning.

He is our “bestest” friend.

But when Monday comes rolling around it’s like a switch turns in our head and we forget that He even exists.

We ignore His continual still, small voice that compels us to draw near to Him.

We take time to fill our minds with everything the world has to offer us, and we don’t stop to fill it with what God’s Word has to offer us.

We keep on promising Him that we’ll spend more time with Him.

That we will finally make that one-on-one time happen.

And then we keep on standing Him up.

We say we are Christians. But when it comes down to it, we really don’t love God.

Because what kind of “love” is it when a husband ignores his own wife?

When he doesn’t treasure the precious time he has to spend with her?

When he doesn’t stop for a second to show her he loves her instead of just say it?

And what kind of “Christians” are we when we do the same to God?

Fake Christians.

Christians who don’t practice what we preach.

The kinds that the only difference between us and anyone else in this world is what we write on the “religion” or “belief” line on a form and what we do on Sunday morning.

Today… think about what kind of “Christian” you really are.

Do you love God?

Or do you just say you do?

Because talk is cheap.

Words come easy.

But love is more than what you say out loud in public.

It’s what you practice in private.

Do you “love” God on Monday morning through your actions as much as you “love” Him on Sunday morning with your words?

Or are you just pretending?

Playing the role of a “Christian” instead of living the part?

The few times I’ve been left hanging by someone I cared about, it hurt.

And it hurts God even more so every time we don’t love Him the way we say we do.

When we are “way too busy” to make time for the One who wasn’t too busy to die on a cross for us.

When we have so many more “important” things to do than spend time with the One who thought we were important enough to leave heaven for.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hurt God anymore.

I don’t want to leave the One and only person who truly cares about me more than anyone in this world hanging one more time.

Will you do the same?

Be blessed! Anna… 

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” – Matthew 22:37

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10 thoughts on “Standing God up

    • Sometimes I feel like I’m always on repeat about the same things (authentic Christianity, practicing what you preach, etc…) but I’m glad that it makes you stop to think a little. I love to challenge myself with the things Jesus convicts me with. Hope you have a blessed day!


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