In the darkness {He is near}

no nightYou will have dark nights that leave you feeling alone and hopeless.

You will have storms that leave you feeling shaken.

You will have heartaches that will leave you broken.

You will have people that hurt you and leave you disappointed.

You will have temptations that leave you feeling overcome and powerless.

You will have trials that leave you feeling helpless.

You will face all of these one point in life or another but when you do you don’t have to lose hope because through it all you also have Jesus.

I’ve always heard this saying “God will never give you more than you can handle”, and I think for the most part it’s true, but it’s missing one very important part in the end : “God will never give you more than you can handle…with Him.”

See, I think sometimes God does give you more than you can handle because when you can’t do it on your own anymore,  you have only one choice: to run into His open arms, to ask Him for help,  and to surrender everything to Him.

And there in your weakness, in your inability to overcome, in your surrender He will step in and His power will be sufficient for you…

When you are fighting your battles and you don’t think you can get up and face your enemy one more time.

When you are feeling heartbroken and you don’t think you can forgive that person who hurt you one more time.

When you are in the middle of that dark valley that seems to have no light at the end and you don’t think you have the strength to take a step one more time.

When you keep stepping out of your comfort zone and failing and you don’t think you can take another rejection one more time.

When you keep on praying persistently and no answer seems to come and you don’t think you can handle God’s silence one more time.

Peter reminds us that we shouldn’t be surprised when we face trials that test our faith, when we face temptations that seem too hard to handle, when we find ourselves in the middle of a storm (1 Peter 4:12) All of these are normal and must happen in our walk with Christ.

It is through our struggles, it is in our weakness, it is in our darkest moments that we grow in Christ.

“God could have kept Joseph out of jail, kept Daniel out of the lion’s den, kept Jeremiah from being tossed into a slimy pit, kept Paul from being shipwrecked three times, and kept the three Hebrew young men from being thrown into the blazing furnace, but he didn’t. He let those problems happen, and each of those people were drawn closer to God as a result. Your most profound and intimate experiences of worship will likely be in your darkest days — when your heart is broken, when you feel abandoned, when you’re out of options, when the pain is great, and you turn to God alone.” – Rick Warren

Maybe God is allowing you to face some hard situations today just like He allowed Joseph, Daniel, Jeremiah, and Paul to.

If you find yourself in a place where you doubt that you can really reach the end I want to remind you that you can, and you will.

Because no night is too dark, no battle is too hard, no situation is too hopeless, no chains are too strong when you have Jesus by your side.

You need everything that you need to be victorious in your battles, to overcome in your temptations, to be hopeful during your dark times because you have Jesus.

I am glad that just like God kept Joseph in jail, Daniel in the lion’s den, and Paul on those ships that were shipwrecked He also allows me to face hardships with Him.

Don’t be discouraged if you are facing problems today. God is using those trials, disappointments, and failures to draw Him near to you and teach you lessons you wouldn’t learn any other way.

Don’t despise them but ask God to help you learn and grow in Him through it.

Be blessed and surrender your battles to Christ today. -Anna… ♥

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9

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32 thoughts on “In the darkness {He is near}

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  2. The dark night of the soul as a specific process is allowed and ordained by God for a higher purpose. Some may go through this as a far deeper and more profound process than just having a difficult few days or weeks. At its most foundational level part of its aim is to force us more into dependence on the Lord. There is a stripping away of our dependence on ourselves. We rely so much, almost entirely,on our own “self” and the flesh nature. Our education, our jobs, our bank balance, our abilities. I do believe that there are those within the Body of Christ who are going through deep refining processes which have been ordained by God. This is not a journey of our own making which seems to be taught so much these days where we get to choose the pathway. The aim is the nature of Jesus and to be conformed to the likeness of Him. How can we carry the Presence of The Lord without first having His nature and character developed in us? There is no quick route to the Promised Land. Our church systems can become a safe hiding place and we can build for ourselves our own comfort zones of family and friends if we want. However, if we desire Jesus to truly have His way in our lives then we are to allow Him to be Lord and Master. These trials and testings will come. These are times when you are utterly dependent on Him. When the world has forsaken you and rejected you. We cannot assume that God does not want to break us. The flesh nature is our enemy and it stands in our way. It prevents us from crossing the Jordan and into the fullness of life in the Spirit. Dark times cause us to fall on the Rock, to throw ourselves on Him at the same time as the Rock is crushing us.


    • Looking back at my life I have to say that it is during the darkest and hardest times of my life that I really drew closer to God. It was when I felt like the world around me was falling apart that I had no one to rely on for help and guidance but Him. It was when the battles and trials were a daily thing. Sometimes a minute by minute thing that I learned to trust in God’s power to fight for me and get me through. And it is after I reached the end of those same trials, after I was as broken as I could be that I can honestly say I was molded into having God’s character more then I have ever been. No one like the trials and battles. The disappointments, the heartaches, the curve balls that life throws our way but we can never grow to be more like Jesus without them.

      He faced those same hardships and trials. He shared more suffering than any one of us can imagine. To become like Him means to go through the same things He went through. We all want to be like Jesus, but like you said, it doesn’t happen in one day. Going through the refining process is not easy but it is well worth it at the end. Being broken is just one of the first steps of truly learning to become fully dependent on God. It is the broken, flawed, but devoted people that He uses for His kingdom because only when we get to that point of total dependency on Him can we truly live for Him wholeheartedly and not for ourselves.


      • “..but we can never grow to be more like Jesus without them”. This is your goal or more befitting is to say that it’s clearly your hearts desire. To be more like Jesus. So if I may, I would like to I encourage you. It is wonderful that you have been brought closer to Jesus through your trial. You have known moment by moment dependence on Him and Jesus is still your focus. Jesus is our very life. When we have been emptied of ourselves and truly know we are only still alive by His grace then this is a wonderful place to be. You are so sincere in your devotion to the Lord. Your life is touching others and more importantly He is drawing you to Himself. We each have our own heart cry and the Lord hears that. As you say, this love is tested. That deep longing in us is tried, refined and matured. This love is a deeper love. It is a truer love than the world knows. Actually, the world cannot begin to comprehend it. All around us are shallow and cheap depictions of love. The Lords love is sacrificial and proven. This is how the Lord loves us and He yearns for those that will reciprocate this love and offer it back to Him. You are very sincere and true in this. I hope in some way I have encouraged you.

        Yesterday I had a partial revelation of the Cross. I was taken out of this world in which we live – full of cynicism and disbelief and antagonistic towards God a lot of the time – and the meaning of the Cross overwhelmed me to the point of tears. Its power and meaning stands forever. It transcends time. It is infinite. We are not of this world. The loneliness and the solitude of the Cross broke me. Wonderful Jesus. He is beautiful beyond compare. When I read in the Scriptures what our Lord went through, I almost cannot carry on reading because as I do it is then that the revelation comes to me. But I want to know, I want it revealed to me, because I want to offer everything in return. “Amazing love, how can it be? That though my God should die for me?”. It’s part of an old hymn. Many of the old hymns have such depth and meaning.


        • I copied and pasted it for you.

          And can it be that I should gain
          An int’rest in the Savior’s blood?
          Died He for me, who caused His pain?
          For me, who Him to death pursued?
          Amazing love! how can it be
          That Thou, my God shouldst die for me?

          He left His Father’s throne above,
          So free, so infinite His grace!
          Emptied Himself of all but love,
          And bled for Adam’s helpless race!
          ‘Tis mercy all, immense and free,
          For, O my God, it found out me.

          Long my imprisoned spirit lay
          Fast bound in sin and nature’s night.
          Thine eye diffused a quick’ning ray:
          I woke the dungeon flamed with light!
          My chains fell off, my heart was free,
          I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.

          No condemnation now I dread:
          Jesus, and all in Him, is mine!
          Alive in Him, my living Head,
          And clothed in righteousness divine,
          Bold I approach the eternal throne,
          And claim the crown, through Christ my own.

          Amazing love! how can it be
          That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me!

          Lyrics: Charles Wesley
          Music: Thomas Campbell


        • Thinking of the cross always brings me to tears. It is on that blood-stained cross that heaven meets earth. That there is victory for all of our suffering and heartaches. That there is hope for our eternity. That there is a love so deep we could never find it anywhere else in this world no matter how long and hard we searched for it. It’s always good to be reminded of what the cross means to each one of us… (thank you for reminding me).


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    • Thanks Jordan. There is so much we get form enduring until the end instead of giving up. 🙂 This verse always reminds me to keep on going when the road gets hard!

      Romans 5:3-4 – “More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.”


    • Thank Erin. I am happy you stumbled upon your blog because I wouldn’t have found yours 😉 I love all of your posts of encouragement to young ladies! (Which is very much needed). May God bless you as you minister to the hearts of everyone who reads your blog!


  4. Great post Anna! It never ceases to amaze me that you write these posts and so many of them are uniquely relevant to my life. God’s providence is so amazing!! By the way, I love the scripture you gave. It’s helped me through some really tough times. Keep writing Anna, you don’t know how much it impacts people. 🙂 -Hannah


    • Thanks Hannah. I guess we’re experiencing similar things in our walk with God, eh? 🙂 I’m grateful that God continues to reveal Himself to both of us in new ways through His Word. And that’s one of my favorite verses as well. It’s a constant reminder that my weaknesses aren’t always a bad thing when they are in the Almighty hands of God! I am glad He can use us all as vessels for His glory no matter how weak and imperfect we are! Hope you have a lovely day!


  5. Reblogged this on In The Potter's Hands and commented:
    Love what Anna says here, “God will never give you more than you can handle…with Him.” We’ve all heard the saying, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” I really see that saying as an incomplete thought without the words “with Him”. Amen and amen!!


  6. “Don’t be discouraged if you are facing problems today. God is using those trials, disappointments, and failures to draw Him near to you and teach you lessons you wouldn’t learn any other way.” I LOVE this!!! SO true! God gives us exactly what we need even if it comes in the form of a major setback or a hardship. I love the verse you put at then end. His grace is sufficient for us! God bless!


    • Amen Moriah. God’s grace is enough to get us through anything that comes our way. I am so happy I have such a loving Heavenly Father who uses those setbacks and hardships in life to teach me and mold me into His image. Being on the Potter’s Wheel may be painful but I know I’m always in safe hands when God is the One working on me. 🙂


  7. Love the quote from Rick Warren! It is so true that God DOES give us more than what we can handle alone without Him. If we could handle it, then we wouldn’t need Him. Praise God that He teaches through our weaknesses and inabilities that we can’t do it without Him because then through it we see His glory at work in us! I so appreciate your encouraging blogs! Blessings to you, Anna! 🙂


    • That quote really hit home for me when I first read it too. 😉 God has definitely been teaching me many lessons through my weakness. Although they are never too enjoyable I am so glad that through those lessons I am able to change and become more like Him. It’s not an easy process, but nothing that’s worth it is every too easy, right? I’m glad that God thinks I’m worth “working on” and changing and I am learning to appreciate the hard times and grow in them more each time rather than complain about them and be discouraged by them. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I always love to hear your thoughts on here. Be blessed!


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