{Facing the tragedies of life}

WHEN YOUR WORLD FALLS APARTLife has a way of bringing us down to our knees when we least expect it.

One day you are playing with your children before their bedtime.

The next day you are standing at their gravesite.

One day you are happily working away at a job you love.

The next day you are at home sitting alone, jobless, with a pile of bills and no income.

One day you are joyfully expecting the newborn baby that you’ve prayed for so long.

The next day you are broken and alone again, with no hope of holding that child in your arms.

One day you are on top of the world.

The next day you are back down in the darkest valley you could find.

That’s life.

Some days hit you with curveballs  and twists you could never prepare for.

Storms you had no warning of.

Tragedy you never saw coming.

In one day, everything can turn around as your world comes crashing down.

On September 11th twelve years ago thousands of lives were never the same again.

Dreams were shattered.

Hope was lost.

Loved one’s were forever gone.

In one day.

A day that felt like any other.

And whether we like it or not, we all have that day in our lives.

Once, twice, sometimes multiple times.

A day where everything seemed to be going right and then all of a sudden it seems like everything is going against us.

A day where we find ourselves in such a darkness that we don’t know if we will ever find a way out.

A day that changes the rest of our life.

For Job it was the day he went from being the wealthiest, most prosperous man in his day and time to the poorest, saddest man around.

For Joseph it was the day he went from being a happy-go-lucky young man full of dreams to a prisoner in a dark prison cell with no hope of a future.

For Jesus it was the day he went from being worshiped on the streets by crowds of adoring people to being crucified on a cross by crowds of hateful people.

For you it may be many different things.

But I want to remind you today that no matter how hopeless today is, no matter how dark the night is, no matter how hard the tragedy is you will heal, you will get through it, and in the end, you will overcome.

What has happened to you today will affect you for the rest of your life, but it doesn’t have to keep you down for the rest of your life.

You can’t replace a lost loved one.

You can’t take back time.

But you can recover from heartache.

You can make it to the other side.

You can move on from the suffering that you are enduring this dark night and prepare for the joy that is waiting for you in the morning.

How do I know?

It’s quite simple.

It’s written in ink in the many pages of the Bible.

One story of another of how God turns a tragedy into a triumph.

A valley into a victory.

A heartache into hope.

Job’s life was restored after a time of suffering and testing.

Joseph made it out of that dark prison cell and fulfilled that long-awaited dream of his.

Jesus walked past those stones guarding His tomb as a living and breathing testimony that death has no victory.

And today you will have the same victory as well no matter what tragedy you are facing.

No matter how many broken pieces your heart is shattered into.

No matter what was taken from you.

Maybe today is still a dark night for you.

Maybe today you are still stuck in a cold, lonely prison cell.

Maybe today you are still hopeless about the future ahead of you.

Keep holding on to God.

Keep on pressing forward with God.

Because in time, your morning will come.

And you will find joy once again once you reach the other side.

Keep on enduring in the night with Jesus. He’ll help you reach the morning light. Be blessed! -Anna… 

“Weeping may last through the night,
    but joy comes with the morning.” – Psalm 30:5

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14 thoughts on “{Facing the tragedies of life}

  1. Very good! I have been through a couple of dark dark nights in my life and I can tell you that morning always comes. Somewhere, somehow, sometime, with Jesus joy will fill the soul once again! Again I say, this is very good! Thanks!


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