Don’t be a prisoner of your past

LETTING GO.The past is a good place to reflect upon. To reminisce about. To remember.

But it’s no place to live in.

Especially if that past includes pain, hardships, and shame.

Often times we wake up to a brand new day.

A fresh start to get up and try once again.

But we can’t get anywhere because we are still re-living our yesterday.

We are still holding on to our past hurts.

We are still thinking about what could have happened…but didn’t.

We are still replaying the painful words someone said.

And we are slowly allowing our past to take our future away.

Because the longer you dwell in the past the easier it is to forget to live in the present.

The harder it gets to dream about tomorrow.

I love this powerful statement by Nelson Mandela:

“As I walked out the door toward my freedom I knew that if I did not leave all the anger, hatred, and bitterness behind that I would still be in prison”

Maybe you were never in a physical prison like he was but your past may seem like a prison to you.

A place that haunts you because of the terrible memories it holds.

But if you don’t move on from that place you will remain in a prison.

A prison with a door that you have the key to.

It’s up to you unlock it.

Just like it’s up to you to move on from your yesterday.

To forgive those that need to be forgiven.

To forget the things that need to be forgotten.

To give yourself the freedom to look forward to a brighter day.

If you’ve made mistakes that you’ve repented of don’t continue living in shame and guilt.

God has forgiven you and made you white as snow.

If you are left brokenhearted by loved ones that left you hanging, hurt you, or walked away don’t continue living in resentment toward them.

Allow God to fill you with His peace and joy and forgive those people or allow them to walk away.

If you regret the things you wished you could do or say don’t continue living in remorse and disappointment with yourself.

Let God show you what you can do to make today better than your yesterday.

Remember… you choose what you will do with your past.

Whether you will let it define you.

Whether you will let it to destroy you.

Or whether you will let it to develop you into the person God created you to be.

Let it be the latter.

You have a glorious future ahead of you.

But you won’t be able to enjoy it if you are stuck in the prison of yesterday.

So today… put your old ways behind you.

Let go of those memories replaying in your head.

Forgive those who hurt you and move on.

Open that prison door and walk out without looking back.

Say your final goodbye to your past because there’s no reason left for you to stay.

Nothing you can change.

Nothing you can fix.

Nothing you can take back.

Don’t live in the could’ve, would’ve, should have’s one more day.

Don’t live in shame, guilt, and regret one more day.

Don’t live in bitterness, resentment, or hate, one more day.

Surrender it all to Christ and allow Him to help you take that first step forward into new hope.

Into new friendships.

Into new dreams.

Because no matter how tragic your past may be He can redeem your story and together with Him you can make your future days better with each new day.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Keep on looking ahead! Be blessed!  -Anna… ♥

“Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead”- Philippians 3:13

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5 thoughts on “Don’t be a prisoner of your past

  1. Hi I really need your help/advice I’m so depressed I can’t get rid of my past. I came from a Indian family my life has been controlled for so many years well into my 20s. Don’t do this don’t do that. I couldn’t go out and party, go out late at nite, travel alone only with parents. I lost so many friends. I was told to always just study. Even the car mostly used for university and back. I felt like I never had my freedom. I feel so much guilt for my life. At 27 I decided I need to move out but I stil feel controlled by them because I have so much anxiety now I can’t go places alone still in university for 10 years I can’t accomplish anything they are paying for my rent, the car I’m using is there’s. But I can’t forget my past when I hang out with friends now I feel so guilty about my life because they enjoyed so mad I didn’t I want to tell somebody but I feel so much shame. I have a bf now but I stil feel hounded by my thoughts and depressed and feels like he doesn’t deserve to be with me because he will judge me or my life or he can do way better then a depressed me. But I love him and I know he should not care about my past because present is all we have but please help me how can I forget my past I know ppl are in jail suffering so much wrongfully jailed and stuff and u are a big role model for your ordeal please help me I’m 28 and feel like I lost so much how do I just forget my past and start living. I see my friends now and I feel like they have done so many things and I feel so guilty for my life and everytime I talk about my past with them. Constantly thoughts are running in my brain about my past and people judging me and when they talk about everything they have done I feel depressed. Please help can I move on or is too late? Also I used to love fitness now all I do is just lay on my bed 24/7 I have lost all my motivation because I feel I am old to enjoy my life. Please help. I know you went through a lot but you came out strong. You made your self strong. I used to work out lots but now I don’t do a thing just lay in bed all day please help I need your motivation. Can I move forward? How do I stop feeling like my life is over or guilty for my past?


  2. Being unlocked from the past is a vital process. Finding forgiveness for deep spiritual damages done to us is a wonderful work of the Holy Spirit. Reaching out and finding Jesus as our sole support and safety net is irreplaceable. When you know that without Jesus you would be actually be dead it a place of the deepest thankfulness. You want to pour out all the oil on His feet. On my journey to inner healing I found a book by Joyce Meyer really helpful. I could identify with being through the university of life and hard knocks as she said herself. It was one of those books that the Holy Spirit led me to in His will and timing. The healing is ongoing but the Lord desires to make us trophies of grace. As I read this book the Holy Spirit gave me my own words over my life. Yes, letting go of the past with the help of the Holy Spirit is such a wonderful work. Thank you Lord for the Counsellor that we are no longer orphans.


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