{Let’s fight our battles together}

need-prayerDear Fellow Readers,

Many of you are strangers to me. I have never met you in real life and I may never will in this world.

I may not have the opportunity to talk to you face to face. To hold your hand and pray for you when you are facing struggles, but I want to let you know that I read your stories when you share them. I read about your struggles. I share your pain even when you don’t know it.

Some of you I have prayed for many times when you are going through a particularly hard time in life.When you are doubting about your future. When you can’t let go of your past. When you are confused and discouraged in your current situation.

I just want to let you know that I am here if you ever need to share your struggles with someone.

I am here for you if you need one more person to lift you up before God. To intercede for you and help you fight your battles.

If you are ever going through a time and you don’t feel like you have anyone to reach out to or you don’t feel like posting your troubles online don’t ever hesitate to email me.

I may be a stranger to you in this world but I am your family in Christ and there’s nothing that I would like to do more than be there to encourage you and pray for you as your sister in Christ during the tough seasons in life.

You don’t ever to have to fight your battles alone.

If I DO know you in real life you are even more welcome to send me your prayer request and email me if you need a friend to talk to (or meet up with).

God has really been putting it on my heart to intercede for other believers in faith and I would love to keep you in my prayers.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and feel free to share your prayer requests with me.

Be blessed!  -Anna… ♥

[E-mail: daughterbydesign@hotmail.com]

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46 thoughts on “{Let’s fight our battles together}

  1. For God to give complete healing and release to our family after a break up of over 30 years of chritian marriage, adult children and grand children devastated. Yet God shows His plans. Trusting God for this STORY to bring forth a VICTORY from a whole new perspective for God’s glory always.


  2. I have been widowed for 10 years now. A few dates here and there, but nothing serious. I am now desiring a Godly husband to be my best friend and well as a husband. Please pray God puts this in his will. Thanks you

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  3. Hey Anna. My life is not improving. I am just coming out of drug use. Over a year now and I have not seen any positive change. I am jobless, poor, I sleep hungry at times, my family doesn’t want anything to do with me. I have all the qualifications and I have used them to make over a thousand job applications and I have not got a single interview. It’s depressing. I pray every week at church and I have been asking God to help me but so far nothing good seems to be happening. I’m just going from problem to problem to more problem. It’s crazy. When does this take a break. Rejections even for masters programmes. Rejection for job interviews. Rejection in relationships. Rejection from family. Rejection from life. I feel empty, please please Pray for Me. I don’t know what to do anymore.


    • Hi Sidney, I’m so sorry that you are going through such a difficult season in your life. 😦 I’m so glad you made the decision to stop using drugs and start making wise life choices. Sometimes it takes a little while to get back on your feet, but I will pray that with God’s help He will bless you with an incredible job and support from people who will pray for you and lend you a helping hand. Rejections are never pleasant, but unfortunately they happen to each one of us, and even when they do it’s important to remember that even if a job or person is rejecting us, it does not mean God is. He is still there right beside you even when you feel like nobody else cares. I will pray that God will come through for you this year. That you’ll see a miracle this season and His hand in your life as He opens doors for you, helps you get a good job, and resources that you need to keep on going. You will be in my prayers. Please keep me updated on how you are doing! God bless you!


  4. Hello, I’m going to a missiontrip in april with my bibleschoolclass, but because I don’t have any money (I’m trying to get a job) I’m right know not going.. But I believe that God is going to do a miracle.. The biggest miracle ever happened in my life. So would you please pray for me?


  5. I’ll take you up on the offer, why not:) After losing my husband to cancer I decided to give up the control I tried to maintain over my life. As a result I am now living on an island and living by faith. I vounteer at a mission on the island for kids and God is really turning my life upside down. Perhaps some prayer on continued discernment on directions I should take as I begin to transition again in my story. Pray that God keeps using my story in ways I could never predict. Also that I can raise more support for my upcoming trip to Africa to serve those in need.


    • I will be praying for you Sarah that God will continue guiding you on the path He wants you to go as well as give you the strength you need to daily to minister to the kids that you serve during this time of healing and transition in your life as well as help you raise the needed finances for your trip. 🙂 I hope you have a blessed week!


  6. I am so glad I found this blog. i saw your post on not being the woman you wanted to be. i have felt like that for so long. i have lost many friends and have dealt with the criticisms that people have given me since starting school a few years ago. i am back where i used to be-in secure, gaining weight and not feeling good about myself. i have no idea where God is leading me. I just want to feel normal again. I have hit so many wrong ends that i am beginning to give up. I need hope. I am sorry I am just now writing, I see that this is an older post.


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  8. Hi Anna. I stumbled upon your blog from an image that was posted on Pinterest. I think I was lead here by God because now I can’t find the original post that led me here.

    Anyway, I am struggling big time. I’m trying to stay faithful to God. I pray often. Nothing is getting better. I know things happen in God’s time and not our time. But, in the meantime, we’re drowning.

    My husband is out of work with no prospect of finding a new job. He really hasn’t made too much of an effort to find a job. He waits till he talks to someone who knows someone who’s hiring. So, maybe once or twice a month he’ll follow up on those leads. In the meantime, we have no money for bills. No money for Christmas. No money for anything, period. Soon we’ll have to get rid of cable and internet.

    My 17 yr old daughter hardly ever gets up to go to school because she is depressed, stays up all night and sleeps all day. Her dad (my ex-husband) passed away back in April. She was with him through the days and weeks as he lay dieing in a hospital bed and this causes her to have nightmares. But she can only miss so much school. She’s supposed to graduate in June, but as it sits now, I doubt that will happen.

    I am bipolar with depression and anxiety. My own mental health is suffering because of all this. My boss sat down with me this morning to see what was up with me. I’m also waiting to hear from my son on some biopsy results. He’s had several large lymph nodes in his groin. He’s never been sick and all of a sudden he’s been in and out of the hospital. It started with his passing out at work. Then the doctors’ found fluid on his lungs. Then this whole thing with the lymph nodes.

    I know God will never give us more than we can handle and everything happens for a reason, but now it’s just getting exhausting trying to keep our heads above water.

    Your post about needing someone to talk to was just what I needed. Thank you Anna. I may not know you but you seem to be a God send to anyone who needs a friend.


    • Hi Linda, I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog – and I’m sorry to hear about everything that you are going through (especially during this season). I can’t imagine how you feel right now – I only wish I could meet with you face to face, give you a hug and pray for you. But even though I can’t do that I will make sure to lift you up in my prayers.

      I don’t know why you and your family are going through so much hurt, struggle, and pain but I DO know that there is always hope with Jesus no matter how dark the place is that you find yourself in. And He is also the greatest healer not only of bodies but also of minds and hearts. I will pray that He will bring healing and hope into your home and peace into your heart as you trust Him during this time in your life.

      He is faithful in taking care of His children and making a way when things seem impossible. May He help you, your husband, and your children as you lean on Him to get you through. Please keep me updated on how things are going for you.

      You’re a fighter, and you have God by your side when you feel too weak to go on. Keep on trusting in Him. He’ll carry you through and bring you out of this stronger than you ever were before.

      I’m praying for and fighting with you on my knees. Be blessed sister!

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    • Hi, Linda. Hi, sis. Hang in. Losing cable sounds aweful…but, maybe not so much. It’s an “adjustment”, that’s all. It feels worse if you feel like it’s being done “to” you, as opposed to you “axing it.”

      Like Anna said, she – and others – are lifting you up in prayer. Yield to His working in your life: pass through it as if you are yielding to God alone. Expect His Hand to work on your behalf. Look for the little things. Pay attention. Give up control – control is over-rated. Being loved by God is everything. Let Him plead your case for you. Let God…be God.

      You’ve got family here…we’ve got Daddy’s DNA in us…we’re not perfect – like you – but, like you…we’re loved. Believe. You are gathered in the best family hug you can possibly imagine. And Daddy watches over us all…

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      • Hi rubble2bubble my sister-in-Christ and hello to Anna and her wonderful heart. I loved the way you referred to God as “Daddy”. I actually saw a picture of something along those lines. It said something like “Went to Dad’s to make a place for you.”

        I know people say that it’s easy to praise God when things are good. And yes, it is true. But, I am one of those people who take comfort in God when things are bad. The other night I started crying as I was praying. God knows my tears and my pain.

        As if things could ever get even more of a struggle, on Wednesday night a friend of our family passed away. My kids grew up with their kids. My son and his fiancee live just around the corner from them. They had the wake and burial yesterday morning.

        When I went up to the casket to pay my respects, it hit me like a ton of bricks. He looked like my ex-husband just before he passed. It was like he was some mannequin made out of wax.

        I was the one who had to tell my daughter when we got the news on Wednesday night. When I told her she sat there trying not to cry. She wouldn’t allow me to touch her. I told her it was ok to cry.

        My Christmas bonus paid for having cable/internet for another month (I will be home on vacation from this coming Saturday until the 29th). It also paid for a few other things we needed at the grocery store.

        When does it all end? I apologized to my kids for what I did before their dad and me split up. I apologized to God and begged forgiveness. I know God’s grace doesn’t come by counting how many good things you do. I’ve even started a blog so that I can learn all I can about the Bible and become closer to Jesus.

        I’m sorry if I seem so whiny. Thank you for listening and replying. I wish you a Blessed week. ❤


        • Click on my gravatar…and you’ll see my latest, “Miracle in the Ordinary”. God is so…kind.
          I’m praying for more miracles in the ordinary for you, too. That bonus check is a significant “hug”. Not everyone gets one of those:)xo


  9. These are truly sincere and beautiful motives Anna. I pray for you as you walk your journey with our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus. May He become more and more beautiful to you day by day.


  10. Anna,
    Thank you so much for this kind post. I have recently seen the true impact of prayers that cross oceans and the comfort that they bring, so thank you for extending this kindness to your readers. My biggest battle at the moment seems to be fear. I seem to have developed a fear of most things in my life; mortality, change, loneliness. Please pray that I would be able to draw close to God in these times and be wrapped in His peace that is not of this earth.

    Love and blessings,
    {Social media manager and contributing writer at http://moreprecious.co.uk}


    • Hi Hannie, it’s incredible what prayer can do (especially when we unite together for the same purpose). Thank you for sharing your need with me. I think fear is something we all battle in our lives one point or another but the great thing is we can find our hope and our faith in Christ to overcome those fears and to walk strong in the midst of challenges that discourage us and new paths that we are not certain about.

      May Christ fill you with His peace as you surrender all your cares into His hands and make Him the center of your thoughts and your life.

      Love the purpose of your blog by the way. Blessings to you sister!


  11. Thank you for this, Anna. If you don’t mind saying a prayer for peace in my heart, I’d be most grateful. Going through a difficult time right now and while I know the Lord has an awesome plan for me, my heart is hurting. Thank you again for this post and for your offer of prayer. Please don’t hesitate to ask the same from me. Have a good day.


    • You’re welcome Brian. I will keep you in my prayers. Sometimes it takes a while for our hearts to heal but with God’s help He will get you through and provide that joy and peace that you need. Stay strong in faith. Be blessed!


  12. Anna,
    Thanks for following my blog and the prayers you have lifted up for me. It will be interesting to meet all of our brothers and sisters in Christ someday when we get to heaven. What a time that will be!!!


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