No More Comfortable Christianity

breaking-gods-heartThese last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster for me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually because of one simple prayer.

A prayer I don’t know why I continually repeat.

A prayer that is constantly on my heart.

“Break my heart for what breaks Yours”.

And God has answered that prayer, because heartbroken  I have been as I have started seeing the world through His eyes.

As I’ve been feeling His hurt and His joy with my own heart.

I’ve been heartbroken by the things I read in the newspaper.

The things I hear about from others.

The things I see on tv.

Stories of a broken world that is so full of evil. Of hardship. Of hurt.

A world that so quickly forgets that there is so much more to life than what is in it. .

A world where people could care less about the One who bore their sin and shame on a cross for them.

People who devote their lives to being comfortable on earth and they forget that they were made for heaven.

People who are more interested in what will happen to their favorite character on tv then to the people dying around them.

People who have enough time to go have fun, but they have not time for God.

And more than anything I’ve been heartbroken by my own life.

By the many times I choose the snooze button over spending time with God in the morning.

The nights I stay up worrying about my future instead of trusting Him.

The times it’s easier for me to turn to entertainment when I have free time to spare instead of turning to Him.

The times I’ve chosen my own comfort over obedience to His will.

The times I hold on instead of let go to things that are not meant for me.

I feel like God has opened my eyes to see in a way I never have before.

I see life through His eyes.

In His perspective.

By His heart.

And it’s left me broken and on my knees.

That the One who’s done so much is often times forgotten.

By the world.

By believers.

By me.

That the One who is the center of our songs, our church services, and our Bible studies is not the One who is really the center of our lives.

Sometimes we talk about how we feel that God forgets us or overlooks us.

But the truth is… often times we are the ones who forget Him.

Who put Him in the backseat of our lives until the next problem comes around.

Who make time for Him when it fits into our overbooked schedule.

Who serve others only when it’s convenient to us and requires little sacrifice.

So, I’ve been brokenhearted.

By the world.

By people.

By myself.

At how selfishly I live, as if this life is truly my own.

At how easily I slip into “comfortable Christianity”.

One where I can turn a blind eye to what breaks the heart of God.

To the broken and empty people in this world that I have no time to witness to because I have “more important” priorities.

To the Word of God that convicts me and changes me from the inside out.

To my own selfish desires and pursuits that I put above God’s.

My challenge to you this week is to think about your relationship with God.

Is there anything that you are doing that breaks His heart?

Any priorities that need to change?

Any people you need to invest into and not overlook?

Lets spend less time doing things that may seem like a big deal on earth but have no significance in heaven.

Let spend less time debating our theological viewpoints over coffee and more time living out the truth and loving others.

Less time worshiping God with our words and more time glorifying Him with our deeds.

Less time talking about our neighbor’s problems and more time bringing them before God on our knees.

Less time working overtime to buy a bigger car or house and more time working in God’s field to bring souls into heaven.

Less time consumed with trying to meet our selfish needs and more time consumed with helping others who are in desperate need.

Less time worrying about where we stand with people and more time caring about where we stand with God.

Less time in front of the computer, our phones, and our tv’s and more time at Jesus’ feet.

Let’s not settle for comfortable Christianity.

Let’s not be okay with being lukewarm in our faith.

Let’s not break God’s heart with our indifference to the lost world around us.

Let’s not break His heart with our lack of desire to pursue Him wholeheartedly.

Let’s place Him in the center of our lives.

Above our busy schedules.

Above our dreams and desires.

Above ourselves.

Let’s be sensitive to God and not break His heart anymore.

Be blessed!  -Anna… ♥

“Turn my heart toward your statues and not toward selfish gain”- Psalm 119:36

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46 thoughts on “No More Comfortable Christianity

  1. Anna, I was just praying to God today about how I want my life to direct people to Jesus. I don’t want to live selfishly anymore. It’s so not about me, but about desiring to have the passion for what breaks His heart. Thanks for sharing your heart. God bless you Anna!


    • Hi Marilyn, that’s my prayer daily as well! I feel like we are naturally born to live for our own selfish gain but once Jesus enters into every area of our life He will transform our selfish tendencies and help us become selfless like Him. In the end it really is all about Him, even though the world tries so hard to make it all about ourselves, it’s so important to remember that our life matters, but what matters more then what we get out of it for ourselves is what we give to others through it by living it to serve others. The more we become like Jesus in all our ways the greater impact we will make for heaven! Hope you have a blessed Monday!


  2. When we really mean them, prayers like this will transition you to a realm few will go to. The Lord is looking for the ones who will pray prayers like this and abandon themselves to the narrow path. Comfortable Christianity is all around. When we say that we want the Lords will in our lives and we want to surrender wholly to him, He will take us up on that. He will test us in how devoted we are to the calling. Soon we will feel the death around us and the loss and the emptiness of those lives that live without Christ. He will show us life devoid of Him just so that we truly know the place that the lost abide in. He will strip us of Himself and ourselves. He may give terrifying visions and revelations of hell and eternity that will shake us to the core. We may be driving to work one day and hear the screams from another realm of those damned for eternity. Soon, as we pray these prayers, the divide between life and death, eternity with or without Christ becomes stark. It engulfs our being. In the hidden places of the prayer life where our tears flow for the lost, the sick and the dying, His heart is too much at times. Its too overwhelming. Soon they become our responsibility. We are accountable for each one. We see Adams fallen race with all its flaws and faults as the Good Shepherd does. He constantly calls us to forgive the way they are prone to hurt us and reject us because the calling is higher. Our feelings must die for their sake and for the sake of their eternal fate. They cannot know it, it has been given to us to know. The revelation is our. Maybe a whole nation is placed on our heart. A people group. The Body of Christ itself. Each car crash death, each widow in need, each orphan, the homeless, the poor…they are all laid on us. The marginalised, the rejected, those facing prejudice and injustice. The pain is all around. His heart is mercy, mercy, mercy. Judgement is His very last resort. He yearns and pleads with humanity that they turn and heed the call. Judgement is a process that is based in ultimate and divine justice. A deeper justice than this world knows. He cannot stop the process but He looks for those that will declare that now is the day of salvation. Now is the grace time. Now is mercy, mercy, mercy. The flood is coming but get on the ark. Jesus is the ark. Glory to God for ever.

    The intercessor learns to carry it all in time. He places the coat of His grace on us. We carry His heart and yearnings no more lightly in our spirit, the urgency of the hour is ever present, yet He has equipped us. He has strengthened us to carry the full weight of His heart.

    Yet, He calls us continually to go into the sanctuary. He seeks for those that will stand in the gap. Those that will embrace the sanctuary of intimacy with Him. Not for selfish gain but for the lives of others. All around is a self-indulgent and selfish pseudo-Christianity. Intimacy is not for us alone. How selfish we are in our motives. He seeks those that will give Him no rest. He cries out for those that will give Him no rest. David entered the sanctuary of Almighty God. The one and only God. Vast and unable to be fully described. Words can not do justice to His Glory and His infinite greatness. Here we meet with the Creator of all things. We are taken out of this realm where mankind is doing all it can to kill off God, remove Him and eradicate Him. We are taken into the realm of utter solemn knowing. Knowing that transcends the man-made philosophies of the earthly realms which leave Almighty God aside. We enter the realm of certainty and truth. The divine truths that order the universe. The truths that weigh it and judge it. We enter His sanctuary. Psalm 73:17. May the Church enter this sanctuary more and more.

    He is pleading with US. He pleads with us that we give Him no rest until Jerusalem is made a praise in the earth. The true church to come forth. (Isaiah 62 and verse 7 in particular where the emphasis shifts onto our responsibilities) Is this the God who exists to bless my life and give me what I want? No. But then this is the falsehoods being taught in this day. The life of Jesus was headed one way; the Cross. Everyday He lived knowing the prophetic words over His life. The Cross of Calvary was ever before Him. Many are looking for the God that will bless them, few are seeking the God that will crush them. Many take the blessing of covenant but fail to meet their obligations within it. Only after the pain and in the fullness of time is the baby born. New life will emerge from the pain.


  3. Anna, you are such an incredible person! If the world was filled with people like you, it would be a beautiful place. You write the TRUTH–and it’s what we all need to hear 🙂 so glad I found your blog!


    • Thanks Lauren. I am tempted to tell you all the not-so-incredible things about me to prove you otherwise 😉 I’m just a broken girl seeking God with all my heart. I’m glad that the things God teaches me (through very humble ways) that I share on here is helpful to others. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day!


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  5. Dear sweet baby sis Anna,
    This post is right on target! We are NOT number one, which sadly many believers think they are… that God is their own private “giver of goodies”. Yes, the Word tells us he provides for what we need; but why did Almighty God create humankind in the first place? So He would be able to have a “personal relationship” with us. I could go on and on here… but I won’t. 🙂 I am grateful to our loving Holy God for the opportunity to have that relationship with Him. It costs His Son his life… so we could have that relationship.
    The church must begin to place our LORD God in first place!


    • Thanks “Big Sister” Stephanie! I agree with absolutely everything you said. It seems like our priorities and lifestyles don’t always match our beliefs. 😦 God should always be the center our lives, not just our words. It is definitely a privilege to have a relationship with the One who paid such a high price for us!


  6. Powerful post! It is amazing when we ask the Lord to help us see people through His eyes. He allows us to see others as He sees them and to see situations from His broader perspective and it certainly can be heart breaking. May others be brave enough to pray this prayer so we can increase love, compassion and kindness in our world. Be blessed!


    • Thank you Shelly. Seeing life and people through God’s eyes really changes the way you live! And I sure hope that everyone can join me in praying that prayer. It might break us, but through it we can live life in a Christ-centered way (instead of our own).


  7. Awwwww… This blog is such an eye opener for me. I’ve been a Christian for almost a year now and after reading this post I just have to think twice again on my relationship with God. Surely when problem arises, my faith with God is very evident but in times of goodness I feel like I’m lukewarm or as what the title of your post said, comfortable Christian. I’m constantly praying to God to change this kind of habit in me, to not just look for him when problem comes. And also I’ve been holding back when it comes to sharing His word to other people, so whenever that happens I’m kind of dissapointed with myself. I’m having a hard time to share it to most of people especially to my family. =( I hope that sooner or later I will not break God’s heart anymore because I think right now, I’m breaking His heart.

    Thank you for this post. I will surely read your other posts and be enlightened. 🙂


    • That’s great! It’s easy for any of us to become “comfortable” in our walk with Christ and lose that first love and desire we had for Him but it’s so important to continue stirring up that desire within us and challenging ourselves to not settle for anything less than a wholeheartedly devoted relationship with Him.

      I will pray that God will give you the boldness to share your faith with your family. I can only imagine who hard it must be but I know He’ll give you the right words to say when it’s time. 🙂

      May you continue growing stronger in your walk with Him!! Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed!


  8. It’s so easy to forget. Over and over in the OT God reminds the Israelites to remember. Moments of clarity like this are such a gift. I’m breaking out my ebenezers tonight, letting him be big, letting me be small. Thanks for your words that stir my affections to worship.


    • Thanks Kelly! Yes! It’s all about decreasing so that He can increase in every part of our life and be the center of it all. I’m so glad that this post stirred up your affections to worship. We sure all need that “stirring” sometime. Be blessed sister!


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  11. Ooooo….. You touched my heart with this one. Wow! I love this post. The same thing happened to me when I started praying and speaking the lyrics from HillsongUnited’s “Oceans,” “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.” Wowza, did I ever open up a door for the Spirit to move! It put me on a HUGE rollercoaster, but I know I had God with me the whole time. Thanks for the glimpse into your intimate relationship with God.


    • Thanks Caitlin! That song has been on repeat in my life the last couple of weeks too. It’s so real and powerful! And yes… God is with us during our roller coaster ride in life (which it is quite often). 🙂 I’m glad that I can rely on Him to keep me hanging on tight during those twists and turns that we don’t see coming!


    • Thank Natalie. And yes, that bar is definitely set high (and not by me, but by God). We definitely can’t do it on our own but with His help we can live according to His spirit in His strength a life that truly brings Him glory in every way. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely evening!


    • Thanks Bill! I’d rather right encouraging posts over “convicting” one’s but when God convicts me I can’t help but pass it along. Maybe someone can learn from the work He’s doing in my heart. Blessings to you!


  12. Reblogged this on Passionate Dreaming and commented:
    Your post brought tears to my eyes because you are completely right. We should all spend more time doing things to please God and not break his heart. But in the world today it’s not always easy. I have no time for church. Now while that may seem like a ridiculous statement its 100% true. I can’t make it to service because I am too busy working, not for a better car, or nicer house. I’m working to survive. I have student loans, bills on top of bills, rent, food, and baby diapers etc to buy every month so I spend my days working 8-16 hours per day to just survive.

    Let’s not break God’s heart. I pray. I pray every day several times a day. I thank him constantly for everything no matter how insignificant it seems. He may be hurt that I can’t bless him in the House of Worship but I know he isn’t because I bless him just the same.


    • Oh my… you sure have a workload to take care of! But it’s awesome that you are always praying throughout the day and keeping Him the center of your life even if you can’t attend church. Hopefully that will change soon, but until then keep on doing what you’re doing sister! He loves our worship, especially when we give it during the hard(er) seasons in our life.


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