God sees you {when nobody else does}

invisibleThis is for anyone who has ever felt invisible, unappreciated, or unseen.

For anyone who questions the significance of what it is that they do every day.

For anyone that wonders whether their work, their time, and the energy they place into something is worth the effort.

Please watch this video here. (and then keep on reading).

Just like Nicole, I’ve felt “invisible” more than once in my lifetime, and watching this video brought me to tears because I once again was reminded of the fact that even when people don’t care or don’t see, God does.

Just like the builders building a cathedral whose names will never be written on you are building that cathedral with your life.

With the people you invest into every day.

With the time you put into hard work and ministry.

With how you give your life away.

Your baby might never know about all the sleepless nights you had for taking care of him, but God does.

Your boss might never know about the extra hours and tireless effort you put into making sure your work was perfectly complete, but God sees.

Your pastor might never know about the many hours you dedicate to ministry, but God does.

Don’t be discouraged just because people don’t see what you do, be encouraged that God does.

He doesn’t miss a single moment of your life.

Just like Nicole Johnson finishes off with at the end:

“God says “I see you”. You are not invisible to Him.  No sacrifice is too small for Him to notice. He sees every tear of disappointment when things don’t go the way you want them to… He sees every single little thing”

So just like those men who kept on showing up day after day to build a cathedral whose finished end they would never see you keep on showing up to what God calls you to do today.

You keep on building something great with your life through your dedication and hard work even if nobody sees.

Let you invisibility be the cure to your disease of self-centeredness and the antidote to your pride.

Remember that in the end you don’t work for people. You work for Jesus.

And what you do matters.

Who you invest to matters.

How you spend your time matters.

You might never get your reward here on earth, but you sure will in heaven.

Keep on building with your life.

Keep on running that race

Don’t wait for a crowd to give you a standing ovation or someone important to give you a pat on the back.

Don’t wait for someone to send you a thank you card in the mail.

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

Regardless of whether people see or care, never forget that God sees every little detail of your life.

Nothing goes unnoticed by Him.

Even if you feel like you are invisible to the world, you are never invisible to Him.

Be blessed and remain faithful in the little and big things God calls you to do today.

Your reward is coming…. if not today, then in heaven one day.

Be blessed!  -Anna… ♥

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” -Colossians 3:23

God sees you, God cares about you,

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17 thoughts on “God sees you {when nobody else does}

  1. Thank you so much for this, Anna. I’ve been struggling with this very thing lately. It can be difficult to remember that we aren’t look for men’s approval, but for God’s. Thanks for the encouragement and God bless!


    • No problem! Glad it encouraged you. I think not being a “people pleaser” is something we all struggle with, but when we have a humble character and attitude like Christ did we can overcome that desire. 🙂


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