God is Enough – Home Group Experience and Dresses

Satisfaction. It’s not just a sought after American dream but something all humans desire, whether it’s in America or Africa. This story shared by my cousin really shows how important it is not to get caught up in worldly stuff but in Christ instead. Because once we find our satisfaction in Him alone we will never be in need again to look for it in temporary things that don’t last.



When you look at your life, can you truly say that God is enough for you?


On Tuesdays I have been given the assignment to lead Home Group in a village home.

It was about 2:30 and the rain had at last seized (yes, believe it or not it pours in Kenya!). I called a Piki Piki (motorcycle taxi) and traveled to the village. I arrived at the home of a wonderful church member named Penninah and 3 other women came over.

I had prepared a message to share but then was reminded by a good friend before I had come, “Make sure you are not preaching at them but allowing them to share their thoughts. Get to know them, and understand how you can more effectively help them.”

Praise God for her words. I had simply prepared a message not thinking that these people would be interested in…

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