A broken girl’s cry

God hears you, God hears your prayer, Hagar in the desert

She was broken and bruised running away from the place that she had once called home.

She didn’t think twice about what she was doing.

All she wanted to do was escape.

So she packed her bag and ran as far away as she could so she wouldn’t have to face abuse anymore.

Even though she knew she was carrying a child in her womb.

Even though she didn’t know who would take care of her from that moment on.

After all, she was merely a servant, dutifully fulfilling the task of her master.

But when her master turned against her she couldn’t contain the hurt and pain she felt living with her every day.

So she ran.

Into the middle of a dry desert where no one would find her.

Where no one would chase after her.

Where no one would care enough to come to her rescue.

But she was wrong.

At the very moment that she found herself at her lowest wondering how she ended up in the middle of a desert, alone, hungry, and scared someone found her.

Someone stopped by to say that she had no reason to run or be afraid because even though she was just a servant girl there was someone out there who cared about her.

Someone who cared about the tears running down her face.

Someone who cared about the pain piercing her heart.

Someone who cared about the endless fear that filled her mind.

That someone was God.

At the very moment when Hagar felt like she couldn’t go on any longer He interfered in her story and stepped right in.

She gives God a new name that is dear to her – a name that is dear to my heart as well

“You are the God who sees me”- Genesis 16:18

What a beautiful reminder to each one of us that God sees us no matter where we find ourselves at today.

That He counts your every tear and hears your every prayer.

That He will never leave you desolate, broken, or alone.

That at the very moment when the battle seems too hard, the desert seems too dry, the valley seems too dark, the situation seems too hopeless and you feel like giving up He will step right in and come to your rescue.

He is a God that saw a scared servant girl in the middle of the desert.

And He is the same God that sees and knows where you’re at today.

He knows what it is that keeps you up at night in tears.

He knows what it is that makes you afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

He knows what your greatest desire, dream, and hope is.

And when that time comes and you begin feeling forgotten by Him remember that forgotten by Him you will never be.

God knows where you are.

He knows exactly what you are facing today.

And when the time is right He will step right in and come to your rescue.

He heard Hagar’s cry for help in the desert.

He heard Israelites cry for freedom when they were enslave d in Egypt.

He heart Hannah’s cry for her desire to be fulfilled in the temple.

And He hears your cry today.

He rescued Hagar from the desert.

He freed the Israelites from bondage.

He put a baby boy into Hannah’s arms.

And He will do the same for you.

Know that no matter what’s going on in your life, God is right there beside you.

He’ll the Good Shepherd that will guide you in the dark when you don’t know where to go.

He’ll be the safe refuge in the middle of your storm when the waves are crashing all around you.

He’ll be the wonderful counselor who is ready to listen to everything that’s on your heart.

He’ll be the comforter that will dry all of your tears.

He’ll be the prince of peace that will calm all of your fears.

He’ll be the best friend that never leaves.

Today, bring everything that you are holding onto and going through to Him and trust Him to take care of you because when you depend on Him alone, He always will.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! Have a lovely night and keep on walking strong with God.  -Anna… ♥

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book”.- Psalm 56:8

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22 thoughts on “A broken girl’s cry

  1. Sometimes two words that help me when I’m going through things such as
    being attacked by people, that help me and comfort me oh so much. …God Sees. Two very beautiful words. Very beautiful post!!!


    • Thank you Marilyn. I’m glad it was encouraging to you during this time in your life. God surely sees exactly what you are going through and He’ll see you through until the very end. I hope you have a blessed day!


  2. This is an expanded and far more beautiful version of my recent blog, though different in its own way. Thank you for pouring into this as you did. It’s amazing how we can find inspiration or encouragement in ways we usually don’t or maybe least expect it.


    • Thank you! I agree. This is one of those passages I like to read quickly and not think too deeply about but it really stood out to me for some reason last week when I was reading it.I love how you can read the same chapter from God’s Word a hundred times and get something new out of it each time!


      • You got that right. It’s so beautiful how much more deep than wide the word of God is. I could easily continue a conversation with you on this. I’m thankful you’re out here sharing while it’s your season to do so.


  3. Wonderful question. Not only does God hear as we cry out to Him, but He sees our misery, and He is concerned about our suffering. And boy, when He takes action to come and rescue us from our situation and circumstances, we know it is Him because no one else could have done it the way He did. Thank you for asking and answering in this great post.


    • Amen! Sometimes God allows us to reach those moments where we feel absolutely hopeless and then He comes through for us in a way we would never expect. His faithfulness is always proof to us of how great His love for us is and that He’ll never allow us to go into a situation too hard for Him to handle!


  4. We as instruments of God also need to see people…. Coz we are the hands and feet of god..And he can work through us to help someone in need… We need to be the voice that comforts, that strength in weakness, that hope in despair… 🙂


    • Amen! We need to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the world around us and that begins when we are in tune to the holy spirit and He will show us the people we can reach out to and help. 🙂 We have the best thing we can share to the dark and broken world around us: Jesus!


    • Yes He does! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that when He’s silent but I’m thankful I have His Word to recount the many times He heard His people’s cry and I know He always hears mine as well. 🙂

      Be blessed JC!


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