The battlefield of the mind

bad thinking, taking every thought captiveSometimes it doesn’t take a storm to destroy us, a friend to betray us, or a sin to make us fall… all it takes is just one little thought.

Physical battles take place on a battlefield with armies, with weapons, and with fire.

But spiritual battles often take place in the battlefield of our mind where it is not an army or a sword that will keep us captive, but our own thoughts.

When we are at our lowest of lows the enemy will whisper to us “See, God didn’t come through for you, He’s left you alone. He doesn’t care about you. Why should you trust Him?”

When we fail once again the enemy will a point a finger at us and say “Look at you, you’re nothing but a failure. Nothing good will ever come out of you, there’s no point in getting up and trying once again.”

When a friend betrays you or a loved one breaks your heart the enemy will step in and say “Nobody will ever love you for who you are. You are worthless to them.  Everyone will always leave you. Don’t bother loving, caring or trusting anyone again, they will just let you down”.

When you step out and pursue your calling and you don’t do so well the enemy will quickly find his way to your side and say “You thought God has a plan for you and He’ll use you in any way for His kingdom? You have no talent, no abilities, and nothing useful to give Him so just sit back and do nothing. You’ll never make a difference in this world. You’re just a nobody to Him.”

When all of your plans fall apart and your future seems bleak and confusing he’ll say “Nothing good will ever come your way. It never has and it never will. Stop hoping and trusting God to take care of you.”

Just like bullets to your heart at just the right moment when you feel the weakest, when you are at your lowest, when you have no hope left to hold on to the enemy will shoot with thoughts.

Thoughts to destroy you and any hope you have in Christ.

Thoughts to distract you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

Thoughts to discourage you from finding your faith and your peace in Christ.

And it is our job as believers to combat each thought that enters our mind with our own spiritual weapon: God’s Word.

2 Corinthians 10:3-6 reminds us that our battle is not a physical one- but a spiritual one and it is only by taking every single thought captive that we will be able to be victorious over the lies of the enemy.

What does this mean?

It’s quite simple.

Whenever a thought enters your mind before you keep dwelling on it, before you start believing it, before you start living by it you take it captive to God’s Word just like you would take a prisoner captive.

And you ask God to show you in His Word whether the thought is a truth or a lie.

You let His Word be the filter that determines what thoughts you allow in your mind and in your heart and which one’s you kick out.

When the enemy says God has left you and you have to fight your battles on your own bring that thought captive and ask God to show you where that’s found in His Word. Nowhere.

When the enemy says you have no hope left and your situation is too hopeless take that thought captive and ask God to show you where that’s found in His Word. Nowhere.

When the enemy says you have no worth and no purpose to live for and nobody that really loves you take that thought captive and ask God to show you where that’s found in His Word. Once again… Nowhere.

And each time you take your thoughts captive you will have power over them instead of allowing them to have power over you.

It’s so important to renew our mind with God’s Word every day just like we are reminded to in Romans 12:2.

Our lives will be transformed when we start living by God’s truth instead of the enemies lies but the only way we can know His truth is by immersing our mind with it each day.

Reading God’s Word is not an option if you want to win the battle the enemy wages against you every day.

It’s a necessity.

Today don’t believe every thought that enters your mind, especially if it’s one that will bring you down, instead bring it before God and see if it aligns with His Word.

Don’t live in despair and in hopelessness feeling unloved, unworthy, and alone.

Don’t allow yourself to be entrapped and disillusioned by lies from the enemy that are not true.

You are a precious child of God with a great purpose, a forgiven past, a beautiful future, and a part in His unfolding story that only you can fulfill.

Keep your mind always focused on Christ, take each thought captive that’s not from Him, and live in the freedom, truth, and hope that is only found in Him. Be blessed! -Anna…♥

“You will keep in perfect peace, all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you” -Isaiah 26:3

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31 thoughts on “The battlefield of the mind

  1. Hello! I’ve just been introduced to your blog (and this post in particular) by a friend who is struggling with those same thoughts the enemy uses to diminish their pursuit of God. Thank you for sharing. Keep writing. Your work is excellent!


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  3. Good stuff anna-

    One bad thought is one too many; trouble is we (I include myself) tend to carry the wheelbarrow load, and instead of them being uncomfortable, we ‘get used’ to the load, instead, of casting ALL our care and burdens on the Lord, why? for he careth for us..,, now there is a good thought to carry! He careth for us.

    all the best


    • Thanks Jack! I agree, it’s easy to get used to carrying our load of worries and problems and it’s so freeing to surrender it all before the feet of Jesus and let Him carry it for us instead. I’m so glad I have Him to cast all my cares on!

      Be blessed!


  4. Anna, have you checked out’s sermon ‘Little things make a big difference: Thoughts’? Your post goes right along with it, so you might want to check it out.
    This I have found to be SO true! I was stressing over working at little things today because I let a lie get in my head: I’m worthless at doing this. Then a friend helped me convince myself that no, I’m not worthless at the things I was doing.


  5. Reblogged this on Writing with Him and commented:
    This I have found to be true so much!’s series ‘Little Things that make a Big Difference’s sermon Thoughts has a lot do to with this!! Great message through this post and the sermon!


    • I’m glad to hear that although it has been hard you are making it through with God. May He continue using you and your family for His kingdom as you fulfill the dreams He’s placed upon your heart. Be blessed!


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  7. This was good and perfect timing. I am in a season of silence as I move forward in the direction God has lead me in, but I have to be faithful. It isn’t always easy when my *mind* gets the best of me. It was a beautiful reminder and a time I needed it most. (:


    • I’m glad this was timely for you. I know what it’s like to keep on going when it seems like God is somewhat “absent” but it’s important remember that it’s in the silence that we need to trust Him most. He will be faithful in taking care of us when we are faithful in following the call He has placed upon our lives. May He bless you in your walk with Him!


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