[Prayer Request]

Pray for UkraineI’m heartbroken at the violence going on in my home country right now as they are on the brink of a possible revolution. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have the place you called home where you feel safe and protected in turn into a war zone.  If you can, please join me in praying for peace in Ukraine, that no more lives will be lost, and for wisdom and direction for the nation’s leaders as they decide what steps to take next.

If you want more information please read the link below of a post by Mel who did a wonderful job explaining exactly what is going on there.

I really appreciate your prayers.

Thank you and be blessed!- Anna…♥

Link: http://melwild.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/please-pray-for-ukraine/


11 thoughts on “[Prayer Request]

  1. Thank you for your prayers. I notice that many people are asking to pray for peace, which is good, but also we need to pray for freedom and justice. Because absents of freedom and justice led to the recent violence.


    • It is a little crazy over there sadly. I’m glad that people are bold enough to fight for their rights but it’s unfortunate that there doesn’t seem to be a peaceful way for the leaders and the people to come to agreement on what’s best for the nation. 😦 Thank you for your prayers Rebeca. Be blessed!


  2. Dear Anna….You have been such a blessing to me and my family with your prayers. I am privileged to have the opportunity to pray for you and your homeland. May God guide the leaders to wise decisions and for the safety of all, and that we fully trust God’s will to be done for all that are involved. God Bless


  3. We’re praying for a breakthrough, Anna. It’s gotten bloody now with at least 5 killed, but they’re now calling back the Parliament for emergency sessions, so maybe there will be a truce and needed reforms enacted and their recent repressive laws will be reversed. Praying for wisdom for both sides. We have people in our church with family and friends there so it breaks our heart too. Blessings.


    • Thanks Mel. It’s terrible that it needs to get to the point of death for people to really start taking action, but I believe that God will grant the leaders wisdom to change the laws to better serve the people in the nation and everyone peace and hope in the midst of it all. Thank you for your prayers. Be blessed!


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