Looking for love {in all the wrong places}

I NEED A MANAs Valentine’s day approaches I can’t help but want to write about the 10 reasons why the season of singleness is so glorious. The 5 ways to ensure that you are content with being alone. Or the 8 reasons why you don’t need a man.

But the truth is I DO need a man….

I need a man to complete me.

I need a man to love me.

I need a man to tell me that I’m beautiful.

I need a man to bring me worth.

I need a man who’s there on the hard days to tell me everything will be okay.

I need a man to share the deepest parts of my heart with.

I need a man to give me something to live for every day.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it or pretend I’m Miss Independent and got it all figured out on my own and don’t need anyone beside me because that would be a lie.

Because I need a man.

Not just on Valentine’s, but every day.

Every girl is on the search for her “perfect man”.

The one that’ll understand her in a way no one else can.

The one that will love her on her good and her bad days.

The one who will complete her in every way.

And so she keeps on looking for love… in all the wrong places.

Just like the Samaritan woman in John 4.

She is the perfect portrayal of so many young single women today.

She finds one man to love her, to validate her, to tell her she’s worth his attention and then when he’s no longer what she needs and she realizes he’s not Prince Charming she packs her bags and goes traveling.

Back on the search for Mr. Right once again.

And with each new man in her life she has hopes of a beautiful romance story.

Of a “happily ever after”.

Of a blissful future together.

But each one ends with disappointment.

Each one could satisfy her for a moment but then that moment would fade.

And she’d be back on her feet, looking for love again.

It wasn’t until Jesus met her at the well that she realized her search was finally over.

That she had found her perfect man.

The one that would love her unconditionally.

That would give her meaning in life.

That would complete her in every way.

Often times the problem with the search for true love is this: we look to find our worth in a human guy when we were first supposed to find it in only one man, Jesus.

We don’t think we amount to much until we first have a man standing beside us and telling us that we mean the world to him.

We don’t think our life can possibly be complete or happy without a Prince Charming and a wedding ring.

Yes, God said it’s not good for man to be alone.

But the truth is… you will never be alone when you have Him.

You’ll always have someone to talk to and share your life with.

You’ll always have someone to remind you of how beautiful you are.

You’ll always have someone to love you.

And the sooner we realize that the only perfect man we’ll ever find is Jesus the easier our life will be.

This doesn’t mean you  need to “date” Jesus and claim Him as your Valentine this year. (That’s a little awkward).

It just means that you’ll stop searching for love and worth in all the wrong places.

It means you’ll share your life with the man who already meets all your desires and your needs.

And instead of chasing one man after another looking for the one that’ll make you happy… you’ll surrender your desire to God and allow Him to bring you to him.

And you won’t have sky high expectations for the man to fulfill because they’ll already be fulfilled in Christ.

So, just for the record don’t forget that this Valentine’s day… you need a man.

And if you search for Him at the right place, you just might find Him.

I’d begin by searching for Him on my knees.

And once you do your world will never be the same.

You won’t be alone, unloved, or incomplete.

Because you’ll discover who you are in Him.

And when the time is perfect He’ll send you the right man to share the rest of your life with, but until then remember… you will always share it with Him.

Be blessed and walk in love with Him!- Anna…♥

“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.” -1 John 4:16

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31 thoughts on “Looking for love {in all the wrong places}

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  2. Amen.. Powerful, if anyone is looking for a man. I can say that Jesus Christ is the true friend, nothing in this world can satisfy your needs but Jesus alone can satisfy your heart desires. I’m so blessed that I have Jesus as my best friend cause any temptation, situation and storms that comes on my way.. His always right beside to rescue me.


  3. More amazing insights from Anna! You are a remarkable young woman. 🙂
    My wife and I tell young singles looking for love that only two powerful and free people can fully love each other as God intends. Which means, you don’t need someone else to manage you or make you happy. You know who you are, not only in Christ but also as a beloved son or daughter of your perfect heavenly Father. Then find someone who knows who they are the same way and who is going in the same direction as you. I believe you have your part down already. 🙂 Blessings.


    • Thanks Mel! I’m glad that singles have you and your wife in their lives to encourage them to find love and their worth in Christ first and allow Him to then bring someone else into their life to share their love with. It was because of godly leaders and mentors in my life encouraging me to do the same that played a big role in helping me find that love in Christ. May you both continue ministering to the hearts of many with your words and your lives with the wisdom that God gives you from above. Be blessed!


  4. This is excellent! Not like the typical “Single on Valentines” posts, much more meaningful. I like how you talked about the Samaritan woman and that she was really a lot like we are, looking for love in the wrong places. When she found Christ, she found true love!


    • Thanks Moriah. I really do love the story of the Samaritan woman. She was looking for love and satisfaction in men, but so many people today look for it in other ways (relationships, statuses, riches)… but unless we find Jesus all of those things will leave us empty and searching for more. Which is why I’m so happy I already know I have everything I need in Christ. I’m saving myself a lot of heartache and meaningless pain. 🙂


  5. Such a great message and perfect for Valentine’s Day if only we could get every single lonely person on Valentine’s day to see this!


  6. You are such an encouragement to so many single girls! So thankful for your voice…it helps so much to know you aren’t alone. That was a HUGE lesson I HAD to learn before I married…you are so ahead of the curve!!! When I was single, He went beyond my expectations in so many ways!!! Pray you feel His special love this week!


    • Thanks! It’s definitely an important lesson I’ve learned (and am still learning in some ways). I don’t know if it comes with age or with knowing Christ more but I’m so glad that I am content in Him and I don’t need to search for love in the wrong places anymore. He certainly exceeds all my expectations in everything I’m looking for! Hope you have a lovely weekend Kate. Be blessed!


  7. Truthful thoughts! There is nothing more satisfying on this earth than being in the presence of God and pursuing that relationship. Thank you for sharing!


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