“I want what she has”

COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS, comparison gameIt starts when we are just small children.

We are happy with our own toys until we see someone else has something better.

We try to steal theirs and when our parents take it away we yell “no fair!”.

And although we mature and grow up and learn to be thankful for what we have often times, just like when we were little children we look from side to side to those around us and if we think someone is better off then us we’ll look up to God and say “No fair”.

Someone has a bigger house with a yard that has greener grass.

Someone has a nicer husband who spoils them all the time.

Someone has a better paying job with the same degree as us.

Someone has nicer clothes, a bigger bank account, and a fancier car.

Someone has more authority, more attention and gets more applause.

And the list goes on and on.

Envy is a never ending cycle of playing the comparison game and it’s one that can hurt relationships and often times, destroy your own life.

It was Saul’s envy that made David flee into the desert to hide from his own father in law.

It was Cain’s envy that led to the slaughter of his own brother, Abel.

It was Sarah’s envy that had Hagar running off into the dry desert.

It was Joseph’s brothers envy that made him end up as a slave and a prisoner in another land.

And it was Satan’s envy that took him from the glories of heaven to the darkness of the world.

And often times it is our own envy of others that will make us do the same.

Maybe we won’t be like Cain and kill others with a sword because we are jealous of their favor with God, but we certainly will have no problem destroying them with our words through gossip.

Maybe we won’t be like Sarah and send others away to a desert, but we’ll separate ourselves from them and remain bitter at them for the rest of our life.

Maybe we won’t be like Joseph’s brothers who sell our own brothers and sisters because they are too ambitious for us but we will belittle their dreams and speak against the plans God has placed on their heart in any way that we can.

Maybe we won’t be like Saul who tries to chase David down and kill him many times because he sees that he’s becoming greater than him, but we will do anything we can to keep someone down when we see that they are rising above.

We think we are different than these men and women in the Bible, but we really are not.

Their jealousy led to hurt, to pain, to betrayal, and even to death.

And so will ours.

There is absolutely nowhere good that envy will lead you to other than bringing others down and dissatisfaction with your own life.

We think our problem is with the other person.

They don’t deserve whatever they have and we do.

Life just isn’t fair and somehow the fact that they have more is their fault.

But the truth is our problem is what’s inside of our heart and our relationship with God.

Our problem is that instead of counting our own blessings we count other people’s blessings instead.

Our problem is that we are not fully satisfied in Christ and we are still looking for something “more” to fill the empty void in our heart.

Our problem is that we are selfish and prideful and we always think we deserve far more than what we have.

Our problem is that instead of rejoicing with others we waste our time wondering why those blessings aren’t ours.

I don’t know about you… but I don’t want to be an immature little child anymore who is constantly wanting what someone else has.

I don’t want to play the never ending comparison game that will only leave me discouraged and unsatisfied with life.

I don’t want to destroy relationships and bring others down because of something I don’t have.

I don’t want to believe the lies of the enemy that what I have is not enough.

With Christ, I may not have every little desire of my heart but I will always have exactly what I need.

I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, a healthy body, an amazing family, great friends, and abilities to glorify God with.

What more do I need?

There will always be something newer, bigger, and better out there.

There will always be someone who has something more.

But instead of looking at others I will look at myself and I will be thankful to God for my own portion because I know that for me whatever He gives will always be enough.

Because I know that whatever I don’t have right now isn’t meant for me today, maybe not even tomorrow, or ever.

Because I know that no matter what I have or don’t have in my hands it doesn’t matter because I already have everything I need in my heart.

I love what Heather Lindsey wrote in one of her posts recently:

“Stop complaining about your portion. Somebody, somewhere would love your job, home, apartment, house, size, man, woman, marriage, talents and gifts. Instead of comparing and contrasting, find the beauty in your today. The grass is as green as you water it.”

Let’s water our grass today by counting our blessings and being grateful for what we have.

Let’s find beauty and contentment with our lot in life.

And let’s remember that it doesn’t matter what we have or don’t have in this world because as long as we have Jesus, we have it all.

Be blessed and stay thankful in Christ!- Anna…♥

“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” -Ephesians 5:20

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29 thoughts on ““I want what she has”

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    • Thank you Lilka! I agree… it’s better to learn this (and live by it) when we are younger, but better late than never right? We can’t change how we lived in the past but we can change what we’ll do with our future from this day forward!


  2. This is rampant in the Asian culture, when everyone is comparing “who’s at the library longer” for an exam. As stereotypical as it sounds, not kidding. Your words are piercing and great.


  3. Thanks for this Anna; this topic is always a well welcomed reminder.

    2 things I’ve found helpful.

    1) Thou shall not covet (restrains my wondering mind) and
    2) Chronic Gratitude (keeping a gratitude journal, taking those morning walks of thanksgiving and slowing down enough to notice God at work in your own life) helps me realize just how God has done for me and this to me is the best guard against comparison + envy.

    Stopping by your corner is ALWAYS a blessing!



    • “Chronic Gratitude” – love it! I’m slowly getting into the habit of journaling all the things I’m thankful for and it’s so encouraging to look back at when I’m feeling down so that I can be reminded of once again of how faithful and good God is. It’s hard to compare and be jealous when you’re too busy being thankful for everything God’s blessing you with! 🙂


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