A lesson from Caleb

giants, trust God, giants in your lifeThey were all sent on the same mission.

They all saw the exact same thing.

They all came back with one report.

All but one.

And it was this one that made all the difference when it came to conquering a land that seemed unconquerable.

As I was reading about Caleb yesterday this phrase stood out to me “Caleb has a different attitude” (Numbers 14:24).

And it was because of this different attitude that God blesses him and his descendants and grants him permission to enter the anticipated and long-awaited promised land.

What was so different about Caleb’s attitude that made him stand out amongst the other men? How did it happen that out of these group of men who were giving Moses the same report… Caleb gave a totally different report?

It’s quite simple actually. The men were looking at their situation and the scene before them with their own eyes. Caleb was looking at it through God’s eyes.

The men saw giants that were big for them to conquer.

Caleb saw giants that could be easily defeated by God’s Almighty hand.

The men claimed to feel like grasshoppers compared to the giants (Numbers 13:33).

Caleb knew that God could easily make those same giants feel like grasshoppers compared to His power.

The men came back discouraged, hopeless, and ready to run away from the land in front of them.

Caleb came back with a sense of newfound urgency and desire to conquer the territory that would finally lead them to their promised land.

All because he had a different attitude and he chose to look at the situation in front of him through God’s eyes, not his own.

My question to you (and to myself) is what do YOU see when you look at the future in front of you?

At your current circumstances?

At the challenges that you may face?

Do you see something that is unconquerable because it looks like a huge giant standing in your way… making you feel like a mere little grasshopper – weak and defenseless?

Do you feel discouraged and hopeless because there’s no way you can move past the looming mountain in front of you?

OR… do you see your circumstance as nothing that is too big for God to handle?

Do you see it as a battle that can be defeated with the help of God by your side?

Do you see it as just a stepping stone to the great future God has in store for you?

To the promised land waiting for you on the other side?

It’s up to you to choose today whether you will look at life’s circumstances through your own eyes or through God’s eyes.

Whether you will be like Caleb and have a different attitude.

Whether you will conquer everything that comes your way.

Whatever you do, don’t allow what you see in front of your eyes discourage you.

Instead, look at it through God’s eyes and you will see – your situation will not change, your circumstance will remain, but you will see it in a whole new light, with a new perspective, with a different attitude and it’ll make all the difference in where God will take you in life.

And just like God brought Caleb into the Promised Land and blessed him He will take you into your Promised Land and bless you because you chose to have faith in Him instead of fear of the giants in front of you.

Remember… our God is mighty! There is nothing that’s impossible for Him. Be blessed! Anna… ♥

“He replied, “Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17: 20

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30 thoughts on “A lesson from Caleb

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  2. That’s it Anna! I’ve forgotten I can get the perfect view by looking through the eyes of The Lord instead of through my own. Because of this post I ‘m going back to take a second look walking away with a faith filled perspective.

    Be Blessed!



  3. Thanks for this post. The thing that stood out to me was when you spoke about Caleb’s attitude. he had a different attitude compared to the other 10 spies. Our attitude in life is really important. Great post



  4. One of my favorite Bible characters. I also love the last time we see him when he recounts his history and takes on even more of a challenge. Caleb is a man’s man AND God’s man.


  5. Thanks Anna! I am going through a huge giant right now, but I have to see the situation in God’s eyes and walk into the Promised Land! I needed that encouragement today!


  6. “Instead, look at it through God’s eyes and you will see – your situation will not change, your circumstance will remain, but you will see it in a whole new light, with a new perspective, with a different attitude and it’ll make all the difference in where God will take you in life.”
    Amen. Well said! 🙂


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