When you have a bad day

UN PICTURE PERFECT LIFE, BEING REALWe live in a world that’s all about image and putting your best foot forward. And with social media and people posting one picture or status after another of how wonderful their life is it makes it easy for insecurity to creep in, especially when you’re struggling and life is far from perfect.

But what I have learned in life is that you are going to have a few bad days.

Days you don’t want to share on instagram or write about on facebook.

Days you wish you could forget.

And it is during those days that I don’t turn to instagram to look at people’s picture-perfect, edited lives.

Instead I go the one place where I don’t just see people’s highlight reels and happy days but the behind-the-scenes moments that are full of struggles and hardships.

It’s full of real people who couldn’t hide behind a fake smile or an edited picture-perfect version of their life.

It’s in the book we Christians like to read called the Bible, and that’s why I love it so much.

The Bible is full of stories of the lives of messy, broken people who didn’t always get it right.

There is nothing sugar-coated or superficial in it.

Often times we like to put people on pedestals and glamorize their lives because of how great they seem but we don’t realize that all we see is just the things on the surface that they portray, not everything else hidden out of sight and deep within.

But the men and women of the Bible didn’t have the option to only share their brightest moments and hide their imperfections, mistakes, and sin.

The Bible doesn’t hide anything.

It shows Abraham trusting God for his promised son and following Him into an unknown land… and it shows him listening to his wife and taking things into their own hands through her servant, Hagar.

It shows David fighting Goliath with a few stones and a lot of faith… and it shows him succumbing to his flesh, falling into temptation, and sleeping with a woman who wasn’t his wife.

It shows Peter walking on water as he kept his eyes on Christ… and it shows him denying Jesus three times before He died on the cross.

The Bible is full of stories of these amazing men and women of God.

Stories of triumph.

And stories of tragedy and failure.

Stories of good days and stories of bad days.

And today I want to remind you that you will have a few less-than perfect days.

Days like Peter where instead of walking on water and staying focused on Jesus you will look at the waves and start drowning because of doubt.

Days like David where instead of having self-control over your fleshly desires you’ll give in to them and hurt God.

Days like Jonah where you run away from God’s call on your life.

Days like Elijah where all you want to do is say “God I give up, I just want to die”.

Bad days happen to everyone.

We all have memories from the past we’d rather forget.

We have all made mistakes that we regret.

We have all failed and fallen short of who God wants us to be.

We have all faced trials and storms.

We all have a story to tell.

No one’s life is perfect.

Not the mighty men and women from the Bible.

Not the people you follow on twitter, facebook, and instagram.

If the Bible was like instagram or facebook it would edit out all the messy parts.

It would be full of inspiring and happy quotes.

But it’s not and I’m so grateful for it because it’s a daily reminder that life is not perfect for anyone.

Everyone faces trials and having a bad day once in a while is okay.

We are all a work in progress on God’s potters wheel.

And sometimes He uses those bad days in our life to strip away those ugly, unneeded things that we wouldn’t be able to get rid of any other way.

And in the end it is those struggles, not those picture-perfect days that make us stronger.

“What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” isn’t just a catchy phrase- it’s the truth.

It is through pain and suffering that you learn how to endure and grow stronger for the days to come.

I’m not writing this so that you go tell all your friends on facebook you’re having a bad day.

I’m just reminding you to keep things in its proper perspective.

Don’t expect life to be an easy and fun ride full of butterflies, rainbows, and picture-perfect moments.

Life is full of heart breaks, disappointments, and hard days.

All of the great men and women of the Bible could attest to that.

But they can also attest that even on their bad days God was good, and everything turned out okay.

God forgave David after he repented for his sin.

Jesus called Peter to come to him and serve Him even after he denied him.

God got Jonah out of the belly of the whale and sent him on his way back to Nineveh.

Their bad days could have had terrible endings.

They could have chosen to live in despair and discouragement because of their failures and less than perfect ways but they came to Christ instead and He helped them keep on going on their way.

And He when you turn to Him, He’ll help you do the same.

When times get tough and you’re having a bad day don’t compare your life to people’s posts on social media… turn to God’s Word instead and let Him remind you that even the greatest prophets, kings, and leaders have had their bad moments but with His help, they turned out okay.

Be blessed and walk strong with God! Anna… 

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16 thoughts on “When you have a bad day

  1. Hi, Anna! Love the new layout and the beautiful pictures all in blue! I am drinking in the beauty. Glory to God! Your message here is inspiring and so needed for me today. It is good to remember how God worked through those we see as the greats in the hall of Faith who fell many times but God still used. How God redeemed even them. Thank you! I too love how the Bible doesn’t cover up the sins of or glamorize these great men and women of faith. Great post! Blessings and love!!


    • Thanks! I decided that it’s time to get it looking less like fall and winter and more like summer and spring. 😉

      It is very encouraging to remember that all the hero’s of faith weren’t perfect in their walk with Christ because it means we all have hope to keep on going even when we mess up and God can still use our lives for His glory no matter what we did in the past. He really is amazing and so gracious to be able to overlook so many offenses and help us get back up and try again with Him! 🙂 Hope you have an amazing and blessed day!


  2. As always, your writings are an inspiration to so many. You have an incredible gift and are using it to the glory of God. I am so thankful for the blessing of you to the rest of us. God bless:)


  3. You are so wise, Anna. Love this, as usual! I fall
    Victim to thinking everyone’s life is perfect. Such a good reminder. I fear screwing up, but it’s so good to know that our screwups won’t ruin God’s plan for us. Thanks so much for always being an encouragement!!!


    • Thank you Kate! I think that’s (unfortunately) something we all fall victim to one point in life but with Christ’s help we can overcome the temptation to compare and be discouraged and keep on walking strong wherever He chooses to lead us next with Him. We are weak without Him but strong when we surrender all of our insecurities, fears, and issues to Him! 🙂


  4. Dear Anna,
    What such a blessing read your post this morning (7am. Here in my place 🙂 ) there are so many great points here. But I noted one statement that I really love:”When times get tough and you’re having a bad day don’t compare your life to people’s posts on social media… turn to God’s Word instead and let Him remind you that even the greatest prophets, kings, and leaders have had their bad moments but with His help, they turned out okay.” In our lives sometimes or maybe often we are tend make comparison to others not only on social media. We are start to forget to always turn to God’s word and His plan for our life.

    That was a great post, Anna. Powerful reminder and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Many love and blessings to you 🙂


    • Thank you Karina! Comparison is definitely something we need to intentionally work on not allowing in our life because it can creep in slowly and unknowingly sometimes. Comparison seems to precede sin and distance from God often as the fall of man begins with Satan falling down from heaven because of his jealousy of God and Adam and Eve comparing what God had already given them in the garden of Eden to what the enemy enticed them with that they wanted to have.

      It’s so important to be careful with our thoughts and heart so that we’ll never allow comparison to steal our joy and destroy our life. Thank you for stopping by on here. Hope you have a lovely Monday. Be blessed! 🙂


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