A God that always provides

down to nothingYou finally filled out your monthly bills and as you look at your bank account your stomach start churning as you realize you are down to pennies now.

You lost your job a few months ago and you’ve been searching for a new job every day. Sending your resume out by the dozens. And yet every day you check your phone and email for a response from someone about a potential job, and yet all you get is nothing.

You chased your dream, you put in tireless effort after your day job to “make it” but the more times you try the more rejections you receive and the dimmer your hope gets as you start wondering if there’s a point of even trying at all.

You recite encouraging scriptures to get you through.

Every morning and every night you get on your knees and keep knocking on heavens door.

You try to stay positive.

You try to look at the bright side.

You try to keep holding onto hope.

But as time passes you faith keeps slipping away and you don’t even know anymore if you’ll be able to keep trying every day.

Have you been here before?

At an all time low.

Down to almost nothing.

Wondering if the God that promises to always provide for you has misplaced your address and isn’t listening to your cries?

Maybe your situation is different, but in the end you find yourself in the same place as so many others: desperate and alone.

Longing to see a light at the end of your tunnel.

Some kind of beacon of hope.

But all you can see is darkness that seems to have no end.

And even though you want to run from it as far as you can the truth is it’s exactly where you need to be.

God didn’t bring you there by mistake.

I love this quote that I read from Sarah Young’s book Jesus Calling:

“Do not resist or run from difficulties in your life. These problems are not random mistakes. They are hand-tailored blessings designed for your benefit and growth. Embrace all the circumstances God allows in your life and trust Him to bring out something good from them.”

I have realized that sometimes God allows us to reach all time lows where we find ourselves empty handed and alone not so that we will become discouraged and depressed but so that we draw near and start depending on Him.

Because sometimes it takes running out of your earthly resources to realize that God’s heavenly resources never run out.

Sometimes it takes being absolutely broken, clinging on to your last penny, and sending out that last resume to realize that it is God alone that can fill your empty hands.

He alone can make something out of nothing.

He fed His people manna in the desert when they had no food of their own.

He provided oil for the widow who was living on her last dime and asked for help.

He paid for His and His disciple’s taxes with a coin from a fish.

He multiplied bread and fish for His hungry listeners.

There may be a shortage of resources here on earth, but there is never a shortage in heaven.

What did all of these people have in common?

It’s simple: they came to God and they asked.

They asked for Him to provide new opportunities for them.

They asked for Him to give them what they needed to keep on going.

They asked for Him to open doors.

And He did.

God is the provider of all of our needs.

When we are down to nothing and we run to Him as our loving Father He will put something into our empty hands, simply because we ask and believe.

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him.” – Matthew 7:11

When you run out of resources you don’t have to worry because you have a God who never runs out of His.

Sometimes all He gives us is enough to get us through one more day, so that we can trust Him anew tomorrow again.

If God takes care of the birds in the sky and the flowers in the ground how much more will He take care of you?

You are not just one of His millions of creations, you are His ultimate creation: His own precious child.

If there is one thing that you should always know it’s this: you are in good hands.

Even if your bank account is showing zero.

Even if you dream can’t seem to take off.

Even if someone at a job still doesn’t call back.

In time, God will get you exactly where you need to be.

But right now you just need to keep trusting, keep hoping, keep praying, and keep trying because there is a God who hears the cries of His children.

There is a God with limitless resources.

There is a God that will always take care of you.

When you are down and start losing faith keep on praying and looking up. God has not forgotten you. He will meet your needs at just the right time. Trust Him. -Anna… 

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:19

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29 thoughts on “A God that always provides

  1. I’m thankful God gave me a naturally positive attitude and only in rare moments do I get down, but I love this and am printing it to keep it where I can find it when I need it. I got severely trampled by a 2500 pound horse last summer and have not been able to work at all. My husband is retired and it’s been difficult cutting our income by 75% but somehow we are keeping our head above water and we are warm and fed. I serve a wise God who has proven to me over and over again that He will provide everything I need. He will also give me whatever I want, as long as I don’t want too much or want what is not best for me.


    • Oh wow, that sounds painful 😦 I’m so glad to hear that God’s been helping you get through it as you keep your attitude positive even in the hardship. May He continue to give you the strength you need for your body and the joy you need for your spirit to get you through the tougher days. Be blessed and keep on trusting Him!


  2. Anna, It felt as if you’ve read my journal because at one time, I was without a job for 8 long, exhausting months. It was difficult, but my relationship with Jesus grew stronger so I’m grateful. Thanks for sharing!


    • That’s amazing!! I love it when God knows exactly what we need to hear and He inspires others to write about it so we can be encouraged. I’m so happy that your relationship grew stronger with Christ as you waited for a job opportunity. I can only imagine how trying that must have been. But it’s in those waiting periods that we always grow the most.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend. Be blessed! ♥


  3. Anna, Thank You, This post fits exactly where I am today, lost my job in December and have been searching since and the only responses I receive are rejections, I know that I serve an awesome God and he did not bring me this far to abandon me now. I am trusting in Him to bring me to the place where he wants me, but I am only human and sometimes fall into discouragement easily, so I tell my self every day that God will provide. that you for the words of encouragement today.


    • Hi Richard, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your job. That’s not an easy circumstance for anyone to be in and sometimes staying encouraged is a daily effort because without God our situation may seem totally hopeless. It’s so important to always keep turning back to Him and reminding ourselves of His faithfulness and goodness to us even during the trials of life. We are vulnerable during hard seasons and the enemy will do his best to make us feel forgotten and unheard by God but we can always remain steadfast in His truth and love for us no matter how shaky our situation is. I will pray that He will provide for you and help you remain strong in faith as you keep waiting for a job opportunity. Don’t give up hope! Be blessed.

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  4. It is so true. My daughter’s husband lost his job last year in July. They have three childden. He was without a job for five months. He had some saving money in his bank account. The money was enough to pay for everything during the first three months.

    It really was an experience! We prayed and prayed and prayed. My husband and me went to visit them in Oktober last jear, and then I saw how wonderful Jesus was working in their lives as a result of their circumstances. He brought them in a unity they did’nt have been in before. He helped my daughter to lift up her eyes and to focused them on Jesus. He provided for them in ways they have never thought He would, and after five months, a firm offered him a job again. As they look back now, they both just praise the Lord, for they have both come to know Him in a special way. Hallelujah.


    • Hi Randi, wow, what an incredible testimony! Our lowest moments really do have a way of helping us get closer to God in a much more intimate way than ever in the past. I’m so glad that He blessed your son-in-law with a new job opportunity and that by taking him through the loss He strengthened His faith and drew him even closer to Himself. Thank you for sharing your story with us. What a great reminder of how faithful our God is!


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