Finding strength on your knees

EMPTYAs physical beings we need to eat multiple meals a day just to stay nourished and strong to survive.

Skipping meals for a few days is unheard of because you know it will only leave you weak and tired and unprepared to face the day.

As spiritual beings we need to eat “meals” of God’s Word to stay nourished and strong to survive as well.

And I find it interesting that we would never skip a physical meal because we know how it will affect us negatively yet we think we can get away with skipping a spiritual meal for a week or two and be just fine.

It’s as if we have forgotten that every day we are on a spiritual battlefield on our enemy’s territory.

An enemy that will do anything to destroy us and our relationship with God.

An enemy who knows our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities, our desires and will use them to distract us, to make us stray, and to bring us down.

How can we possibly think we can get by with a prayer that we said or a Bible verse that we read a week ago?

How can we prepare to face everything the enemy throws our way daily if we never take the time to read God’s handbook for life and make time to listen to His voice?

God’s Word is our weapon in the battle for our souls.

His presence is where our strength comes from to get us through all of our trials, valleys, and storms.

How can we neglect either one of them and still expect victory over our temptations, over our weaknesses, and over our selfish self daily?

Soldiers prepare for battle on their training ground.

We prepare for battle on our knees.

God is our commander.

He is the One who goes before us and tells us how to get through one more day.

But how will we know what road to take next if we don’t follow the Good Shepherd who is there to lead us?

How will we know to escape the darkness if we don’t fall into step with the light of the world?

How will we find peace in the middle of our storm if we don’t spend time with our Prince of Peace?

How will we live in truth if we don’t fill our minds and our hearts with the One who is truth Himself?

Just like manna in the desert God wants to fill us with a fresh new word every day.

A Word that we can stand on, be encouraged by, and live.

We need to stop trying to live off of the remains of yesterday’s sermon, yesterday’s Bible reading, or yesterday’s prayer and start living with what God wants to say us today through His Word.

Just like soldiers preparing for war God wants us to put on His armor for battle every day as He trains us to withstand the schemes of our enemy.

If it’s hard for you to read the Bible and to pray that when you need to do it most.

The enemy knows that’s where your strength comes from and he will do absolutely anything to keep you away from reading it.

Because there is power in those words.

There is love and encouragement in those words.

There is freedom in those words.

The place for God’s Word is in your mind and in your heart, not collecting dust on a bookshelf.

It will never help you if you leave it un-opened and un-read.

Today… don’t skip your meal.

Don’t neglect the very Words and Presence that has the power to set you free, to prepare you for anything you will face, and to fill you up with joy and strength one more day.

Always be ready to face your battles by reading God’s Word and getting on your knees.

Be blessed and keep filling your heart and your mind with God!Anna… 

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” -Ephesians 6:11

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25 thoughts on “Finding strength on your knees

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  2. Yesss *claps hands*
    I was writing something similar since right now I am eating healthier. I realized that just like we need the right nourishment for our bodies, we need the right nourishment for our spirit too.
    I’m typing quickly since I’m heading out the door lol, but this was just what I needed to read today. Awesome! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome Deborah! I’ve been learning this time and time again (usually when I’m tired or burned out and wondering why) just like we need food for energy and life we need soul food as well to fulfill everything God calls us to do. He never expects us to do it in our own strength! Hope you have a blessed day!


  3. “And I find it interesting that we would never skip a physical meal because we know how it will affect us negatively yet we think we can get away with skipping a spiritual meal for a week or two and be just fine.” This is truth. So beautifully written! Thank you for your encouragement to continue pressing on studying the Word of God.


    • Thanks! If only we felt just as “hungry” spiritually as we did physically when we skip a meal then it would be easier for us to stay disciplined in our devotions! I’m just glad that we live in a time and place where reading God’s Word is not prohibited. We are much more fortunate than some places in the world and we should never take it for granted.


  4. So needed to read this! What I needed in this season…. I have been lacking in my spiritual nourishment…..perfect timing!!


    • Hi Jane, Amen! It’s important to always be communicating with God, which will help us remain full of Him and ready to spill into the world with His wisdom and love in all that He calls us to do!


  5. Excellent word dear one . . . may I add, don’t forget that praise and worship go ahead of the battle – and through the battle – when the praises go up, His blessings come down. Praise helps us to break through and break down any and all obstacles the enemy puts in our pathway. Sometimes we do NOT ‘feel’ like praising . . . but, I have learned from experience that once I make the choice to praise Him right there IN the battle . . . my words of praise become heartfelt, steadily flowing thanksgiving, adoration declarations of His awesome goodness. The battle is already won!


    • Just additional thoughts on praise; when we praise, God is enthroned on our praises. It will also do good for us to offer quality praise unto our God, enough to build Him a throne that befits Him.


    • So beautifully said! The best time to praise God isn’t when the storm is already over or when the battle has already been won, but in the middle of it all. It is then that our faith is tested most and our praises in the midst of trials glorify God and show Him that we trust Him no matter what. Thanks for your thoughts! Hope you have a lovely week!


    • Thanks Lilka! Yes… we are very careful to never miss a physical meal, I wish it was only the same for all of our spiritual meals as well. May we all be so hungry for God’s Word that we don’t allow a day to go by without us turning to it! Have a blessed weekend!


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