A good-bye letter

dear past, letter to pastYou like to remind me of my failures and my shortcomings.

You like to bring back memories of pain long buried away.

You like to predict my future and tell me I don’t have anything to look forward to and that nothing will ever change.

You like to interrupt my day and stop me dead in my tracks from taking one more step.

You like to drag me around in circles down memory lane and keep me stuck in what could have, would have, or should have been.

Yes, you will do anything to destroy the future I’m dreaming about and the day I’m living in.

But today I’m writing you a good-bye letter.

Because there is no room in my heart and in my mind for you to stay.

No time for wallowing around in self-pity and regret.

No need to recount my failures and my mistakes.

No reason for remembering hurt that has long faded away.

You try so hard to remind me of the fragile, broken, and insecure girl I used to be.

You try to drag me down with your old memories of hurts, and rejection, and pain but what you don’t know is that every time you put me down it only gives God a reason to help me back up again.

It only makes me run faster to His Word to remember who I really am.

It only gives me a chance to find strength to stand taller than I ever have.

It only gives me a reason to remember how in the middle of darkness, in the middle of my sin, how faithful and loving God has been.

It only helps me see who I am even clearer, helps me bounce back even higher, and helps me come out bolder than I have ever been.

When you remind me of my past insecurities He just reminds me of how beautiful and precious I am in Him.

When you remind me of how unloved I felt He just brings me to the cross and reminds me of how loved I truly am.

When you remind me of the people who hurt me or judged me He reminds me of the people who have loved me, supported me, and encouraged me every step of the way.

When you remind me of all my failed plans He shows me how faithful He has been in coming through for me in my every time of need.

Every reminder and every thought you place in my mind only brings me back to Him.

The One who has walked me through every step of the past no matter how painful, how exciting, and how challenging it might have been.

The One who promises to walk with me still.

I will take the lessons I learned from you and grow wiser and stronger because of them.

I will live with no regrets, no shame, and no pain about what once has been because it has been those very things that I struggled with the most that have built my faith and developed me into who I am.

So past, you may come as you please.

I don’t mind the interruption because it only reminds me of who I am in God and how far I’ve come since I first began.

Your past can chain you down from reaching for your goals and fulfilling your dreams or it can be the very thing that helps you get back up and keep striving to be all that God has called you to be. I pray that every time you think about your past it brings you back to Christ and helps you see that He has been and will always be with you every step of the way. Be blessed! Anna… 

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27 thoughts on “A good-bye letter

  1. So beautifully written, thank you… The past has been haunting me and still does. Reminding me how things could have been different if I made other choices. Playing painful words, situations and rejections over and over in my mind. But I know God isn’t finished yet otherwise He wouldn’t make me see this day. May the Lord help us to see our past as a blessing.


    • Thanks Rachel! God certainly isn’t finished with you yet and what may seem like a setback in the past may be the very stepping stone you needed to walk on to get you closer to where God wants you to be. He never allows anything in our lives without a reason and those situations that were meant to break us are the very one’s that build us and draw us even closer to Him.

      May God help you embrace the present and the future daily with Him as you let go of the past and trust Him for what He still has planned ahead. May He replace those words, rejections, and painful memories with His truth about you and your worth to Him as you keep filling your mind with His Word instead of the enemies lies. I pray that He will help you heal from the hurts of your past and come out stronger with Him as you surrender it to Him daily. Be blessed sister!


  2. Absolutely beautiful! This is a beautiful reminder of my own situation and how the evil one tries and tries to remind me of my past hoping that I’ll fall and stumble like I used. But as you said it perfectly, my past’s insecurities come to me in order to remind me of the beautiful creation God has made… in me. Thank you for your words and God Bless YOU as you continue to obtain strength from the Lord! Much love to you, sister! xoxo


    • Thanks Andrea! And amen! When the past tries to remind you of old hurts and insecurities you just need to bring Jesus into the picture and remind yourself of who you are in Him and how far you’ve come! What may have meant to bring back bad memories can instead be used to bring back the truth of God’s faithfulness and love toward you. May He continue strengthening you daily as you walk and live out your faith with Him. Be blessed sister!


  3. I rarely comment on blogs but I just could not say anything lol. I know you didnt write this specifically for me but, I wanted to say thank you because this is absolutly what I needed right now at this very moment. Your feeling free just helped me to free myself so once again, thank you!


    • Hey there! That’s awesome and so encouraging to hear because I never planned on writing this when I sat down to write, but I knew it must have been for someone out there who needed to hear it (as well as for me to be reminded of.) May God help you in the process of saying good-bye to your past and trusting Him for your future as you walk with Him. Thanks for taking the time to respond 🙂 Be blessed!


  4. Great post! When I struggle with the stuff of life and think about my regrets, failures and hurts (including “I could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve” thoughts), I try to live out this truth: I can’t re-live yesterday and I can’t pre-live tomorrow — but I can live today. I choose to live one day at a time. Let’s keep lookin’ up!


    • Thanks Dave! What a great way to look at life! We really can only live it one day at a time, and the people who figure out how to do that wholeheartedly are the one’s that will make the most of it. 🙂 Have a blessed day!


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