Why I want to give up blogging

writing2I  have a confession to make.

I planned on giving up on this whole blogging thing last week.

And the week before that.

And probably every week before that one as well.

See when I started blogging I didn’t realize something very important: it isn’t for the faint of heart.

Many exceptional bloggers have one piece of advice they always like to give to new bloggers and it’s this: never check your stats.

And I think this is a good rule to live by not only in blogging world but in life.

Because when I check my stats either two things happen, one, if they’re high I feel like I’m the best writer in the world and God is using me in high and mighty ways to make a difference in someone’s world… but if they’re low then I deem myself worthless to post one more single word that comes to mind.

I start doubting the purpose behind my words and the reason why I write at all.

I start wondering if pouring out my heart on paper is just a waste of my time.

And that’s when I want to quit “once and for all”. (Apparently I’m a terrible quitter) 😉

But I have learned that writing, just like so many other things we do in this world, is in the business of planting.

Planting seeds big or small that will one day bear fruit.

And God calls each one of us to plant seeds in the unique way that He designed us.

A pastor plants seeds every Sunday morning when he preaches about God.

A teacher plants seeds every day when she or he teaches children concepts, ideas, and truths that will help their mind grow.

A singer plants seeds of encouragement, hope, conviction, and joy with the creation of a new song.

I plant seeds through writing on here and through teaching my teens at church.

And there are moments I feel like “Wow Anna, you’re exactly where you need to be right now, fulfilling God’s call upon your life” and other times I feel like “Wow, that was such a disappointment or failure, are you sure you should even be doing this at all?

And usually those moments come when I don’t like the results that I get.

When I teach a lesson and it seems to fall on deaf ears or when I write a post and only a few people read it.

And I forget that it’s not my job to worry about the results.

It’s my job to just plant the seeds.

Because in most cases results don’t come right away.

And if they do… they are not for me to find worth and glory in anyway.

If I want to truly be used by God then I need to forget about numbers and comments and stats and simply write from the heart.

And it’s your job to do the same.

A pastor doesn’t stop preaching because no one showed up to the altar one Sunday.

A singer doesn’t stop singing because not enough people like their song.

A missionary doesn’t stop ministering to broken people because they don’t run to God on the first day.

A mother doesn’t stop teaching her children because they keep messing up.

A bird doesn’t stop singing because only one person is listening to her song.

A farmer doesn’t stop planting seeds because he don’t see plants growing the next day .

Neither should you.

And neither should I.

What is this life about anyway?

If it’s about me then yes stats and numbers matter.

In that case, I should have quit writing a long time ago.

But if it’s for God then none of it matters.

He will make sure that the right people will read what they need to when they need to.

Just like He’ll make sure the right  person shows up to church service when they don’t intend to hear a message that is meant specifically for them.

But regardless of the outcome remember that your heart is always worth sharing.

Whether it comes in the form of a sermon, of a blog post, of a painting, or of a song.

There will be days when you’ll get a hundred likes, comments, and follows. And there will be days you will get no reaction at all.

It’s on those days you must remind yourself of what it’s all about.

And that what God puts on your heart must be shared if a thousand people hear or see it… or just one.

And if you don’t plant a seed in someone else maybe you plant it in the place where it needs to grow the most: your own heart

We are all in a sense spiritual “farmers”.

We plants seeds with our talents, with our voice, with our abilities, and with our heart.

And then it’s up to us to make the most important step of all when we’re done: walk away and let God do the rest of the work.

Because we determine the seeds we plant in the world, but it’s not up to us to decide where they will fall.

Never base your worth, your identity, and God’s call and purpose on your life on numbers, on a response,  or on validation from people.

Keep planting those seeds in your corner of the world day after day, keep on sharing your heart, and your words will live on and bless others long after you’re gone.

And just as a reminder to each one of us (especially bloggers) about how we should navigate in the world of sharing words here is an amazing prayer by Ann Voskamp that I hope we will all pray and hold dear to our heart as we remember the purpose behind why we write.

bloggers prayer

Never stop planting those seeds with God every day. Be blessed! Anna… 

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119 thoughts on “Why I want to give up blogging

  1. Wow! this is so encouraging Anna! The funny thing is i when i stumbled on your blog, i was just in awe of your style of writing and the way you have succeeded in influencing a lot of people (including me). Though i just recently started blogging, i felt slightly pressured that i was not receiving a lot of comments. Reading this post just reassured me that its all about JESUS CHRIST and being a witness for him than our stats. Thank you so much Anna (My half namesake), thanks for your favorite blogs because they are now my favorite blogs (fulltimegirl especially). YOU ARE AWESOME!


    • Thanks Ann-Marie! Yes, it is ALL about Jesus and once we get our focus off ourselves it becomes so much easier to just write whatever God places on our heart and not worry about the outcome. 🙂 May God continue using you to bless many people with your words!

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  3. I feel like this too. I post stuff I strongly believe in and want to share with the world but sometimes I feel like only a few people really care. I’m hanging in there…but I won’t give up. I will keep on writing, if only but one person becomes uplifted and encouraged then that is all that matters. : )
    BTW, truly inspired by your blog! Thanks for sharing what God puts on your heart with us!♥


    • Yes, it’s worth it to write no matter how many people it reaches. I’ve been blessed by so many different people through their blogs (big or small) and I’m glad they didn’t give up on writing just because the results may not have been what they wanted. May you always continue writing from your heart and blessing everyone with your words!


      • I was actually going thru a pretty rough period of time lately, on the verge of giving up and teetering on the point of ‘hey maybe it’s worth another try?’ moment for my blogging. I’ll keep trying to hang in there. Honestly, the enemy tries to whisper in your ear and say, “look, no one is reading this. No one cares. Give up already.” Nope. Even if I wrote a post that I’ll close my blog recently, I gave it some thought and changed my mind. I think I’ll stay. God bless you, your words that God gives you really do encourage and inspire me❤

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  4. Reblogged this on haripriyav and commented:
    To not give up, to hang in there. No matter how dark it gets.. No matter how hard it seems. It is a tough decision. Results are always what drive us and we lose sight of what we really meant to do. Cuz our actions ought to be a result of our love and not our hopes for something greater to happen. Cuz whatever you are waiting for, it won’t come easy and it won’t come in the form you expect it. So forget all about the tomorrow cuz it’s all maktub. Just enjoy breathing, enjoy working, enjoy writing. Live your life without worrying about the numbers!

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  5. Reblogged this on God Speaks I Listen and commented:
    You all know I’ve been struggling to keep writing because it’s so hard for me….but I came across this blog and when I saw the title…I was like…”hey that’s me!” I love the poem and the blogs authors heart. Hope you all enjoy this blog too.


  6. I GIVE UP WRITING EVERY OTHER DAY!!!!!!! …….Because it sucks my brains dry…LOL!!! I don’t like to read and I really find writing very hard. But I do it because I want to:
    1. Encourage people
    2. To keep myself in the word
    3. To share the GOOD NEWS of JESUS!
    BUT…..I do look at the stats too 😦 If fact I had a stat addiction….but I’m kinda cured now. Kinda…LOL!

    God bless you for your honesty!


    • Yes… that would be me too! 😉 I’m glad that you are (almost) cured from your “stat addiction.” (They might need to create meetings for this one day) 😉 and may God help you be cured all the way!


  7. Just stumbled across this. I’m still new to blogging. Looking forward to seeing more things like this come across my reading pane. Keep telling your story and encouraging. #nevergiveup


  8. A great reminder to leave the outcomes up to God. We are His handiwork created in His image to do His works. For thine is the power and thine the glory forever and ever, amen.

    I stopped looking at the stats awhile back but every now and then curiosity sets in and I take a peek. However, as you mentioned, its not about how many people read our posts but who needs to read them at the proper time.

    Blogging is hard work and requires a ton of time, free time. Many of us have aspirations of becoming a published author but the road is not paved with magical yellow bricks leading us right where we need to be.

    I liked how you spoke about messages b/c our posts are all about God’s messages he desires to convey through us. He is the potter and we are the clay. We may not be glorified but if God is glorified, that is what matters most.

    I also liked your honesty. Anyone writing non-fiction needs to be writing from the heart. I feel like giving up when I wonder if anyone is reading what I am writing. I become too focused on me and lose sight of who gave me the talent to write. Keep up the great work.


    • “I become too focused on me and lose sight of who gave me the talent to write.” -I think this is so true for many writers and I’m thankful you shared it.

      It’s when we start focusing on our stats, followers, comments, etc that we forget the purpose behind why we write and who it’s all about in the end. When we make it about us instead of God then that changes our whole perspective and motive behind writing. It’s important to always stay focused on Him and He’ll help us keep on sharing our heart as He calls us to!


  9. Hi friend-
    If u care to remember, u haven’t heard from me in a while either. Respite and ‘a time in the desert’ is a good thing. There is a greater oasis than online.

    That said, we fill a void. I need your brutal honesty as you just laid bare. We sharpen each other, and it’s not the numbers that should fill our minds-but the quality. Sure we all like stats, but would u rather have 300 people who casually appreciate your work, or ONE person who has drunk of the nectar of your heart as expressed in the blog article?

    Yeah I know, 300 drinkers would be a bit more grand! Don’t despair, take a break if need be, but you come back now hear???

    \o/ jack


    • Hi Jack, Yes, desert times aren’t always so bad when they give us time to pause for a little while. I agree with you, quality always matters more than numbers. It’s the people that you start building connections with through sharing life and what God has been teaching you that I care about most. I’m grateful for the bloggers that I follow and learn so much from that never stop writing no matter what their stats are. I am always inspired to do the same!


  10. Loved your post today and I understand exactly how you feel! I had stopped blogging for a while, but I know that blogging is my current medium for reaching the masses, so I continue to allow God to use me and as you stated, the intended recipient will receive what’s necessary through this gift if exhortation! Continue to be used by God! “A mans gifts make room for him and bring him before the great.” Proverbs 18:16


    • Thanks Michelle! We all need a break once in a while but when you know it’s what God calls you to do to minister to others then we must continue on no matter how hard it gets. He gave you the desire to write for a reason – because He knows it’s your way of giving to the world what He first gives to you. And it’s a gift and a blessing to everyone who benefits from it. May you always continue to be used by God to spread His love and truth with your words. Be blessed!

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  11. Wow! Just Wow! ❤️

    This message was definitely God-given! Thank you God for planting this message in her heart! Your timing is always perfect–I really needed to hear this!

    If you have FaceBook Anna, then you’ll have my support.

    God bless your talents and skills in writing. 👍


    • That’s awesome Ralph! I’m glad that it was what you needed to hear today 🙂 I’ve had to be reminded of the very same thing many times in the past. Hope you have a blessed day!


  12. I Went to sleep weighed down with the exact same issue,asking if there is a point, and reading your post today proves that there is, your words of encouragement are sure to touch someone because your heart and trust is in God and has motivated me to make sure my intentions are in line
    so thank you and may God give you the strength and grace to continuex


    • I love it when you read posts at just the right time! God must have had you stumble upon it to remind you once again about why you write and to never give up no matter the outcome. May you always keep sharing your heart with the world and inspiring others with your life! Be blessed!!

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  13. Don’t give up! I love the richness and depth of what you write and share! It is always a red letter day when I see that you’ve posted a new one! Thanks for being so honest though, it did resonate with me as well! Bless you heaps – you are a treasure in this virtual world!


  14. I certainly know what you mean about checking stats, they can be a huge trap and in the end make you unproductive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you have encouraged me to continue pushing forward, writing and speaking.

    Btw, I think that more important than stats is relationships. We have been traveling around speaking in churches for the last few months and I have really appreciated how many people have come up to me to personally thank me for my writing. You can’t measure that in stats but it’s much more real and important.


    • Stats can very much be a trap and unfortunately once you fall into it it can be difficult to get out of. And I agree, the relationships that are built from blogging (and in your case, preaching) are so worth pouring your heart out for! I love the fact that I’ve been able to connect with so many people around the world and even people from my own church who happened to read my blog. It is those relationships that keep encouraging me to never stop writing! Thanks for your thoughts Caleb (and the sermon podcast download). Blessings to you and your ministry!


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  16. This is so great Anna! Thanks for sharing your heart and being so honest about this! I find myself in the same place – determining my sense of success as a blogger by the stats I see, especially after a new post has gone up. But I remind myself who I’m writing for and whether or not it gets read, I believe I’m doing what God has called me to do. I love writing and I love what God puts on my heart to write.

    I’m so glad you didn’t give up writing! Your words are such an encouragement 🙂

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    • Thanks Liv! Once you find yourself in that place doing exactly what you know that God calls you to it become easier to let go of our desire for affirmation from readers and just keep on sharing what He puts on our heart. It’s hard, but oh so peaceful, when you finally reach that point when the approval of the world stops mattering. That’s when Christ can work through you most! May you always keep on writing! I always get inspired and challenged by your posts and I know others do too. Be blessed! 🙂


  17. Anna, I love this post!
    The Good Book tells us that they that compare themselves among themselves show that they are without understanding. (2 Cor. 10:12) God’s opinion is the only LIKE that counts and He looks on the heart, searching out our motives not judging our product.
    The fear of man is a snare, a trap that mires us in seeking the approval of others.
    Glad to hear that you’ll plod on.
    Ann’s prayer is awesome, thanks for sharing that 😉
    Be blessed as you blog,

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    • “God’s opinion is the only LIKE that counts and He looks on the heart, searching out our motives not judging our product.” Amen! The fear of man is something most of us struggle with at least at some point in time. Wanting to be accepted and esteemed by others is natural, but not when it gets to the point that we are defined by what people think of us. It’s what God thinks that matters most and He thinks we are precious in His sight! Once we hold on tight to that truth it’ll be easier to let go of constantly needing people’s approval. 🙂 Blessings to you Kelly!


  18. I was worried for a minute there, when I read the beginning of your post, because I thought that meant you were going to stop writing here! I would have missed that a lot!
    Your words are so true there, when we are writing for Christ, nothing else (should) matters! It is so hard sometimes to just look at the stats 😛 thank you for the encouragement 🙂

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    • Hey Emma, no, I’m not giving up just yet 😉 (and hopefully never!!) Stats are probably every bloggers enemy and as anything could be what we choose to find our identity and worth in but if we choose to find it in Christ instead then they will be what they are meant to be: numbers that means something but don’t define us. 🙂 May you never give up on your blogging either. Be blessed!


    • You’re welcome and amen! 🙂 It’s all about Jesus and once we make it so in every area of our life it becomes easier to give and keep planting without waiting to see what happens. Blessings to you!


  19. The awesome thing is – you know if you are blogging for the right reasons and with a heart for God you can write without worry of whether you have followers or not. There are thousands of bloggers – maybe millions. I’m one of them. I used to blog every day because I wanted to. Now I blog when I want to, and it’s not every day. I’ve heard you can make money blogging. If that’s true for some, that’s great. It’s their reason. I blog because my heart is restless until I pour it out. If someone reads what I write, it’s because they want to. Not because of any other reason. When I say “It’s all about you, Jesus” it isn’t true if I’m blogging by the numbers. I think that’s what you’re saying too. You blog your heart to touch the heart of others. If that’s true, the numbers won’t matter.

    I once mentioned that I was considering stopping blogging. I didn’t stop. I got considerable comments like you’ve gotten here – but you know the one that spoke loudest to me? Months went by and suddenly a friend sent me an email and asked if I stopped blogging. She told me she read my blog every day – but how could that be true? See? You don’t know who is reading your blog and who isn’t. I’ve had strangers come up to me in my small town and tell me they read my blog – somehow they learned about it word of mouth. Who knows? All I know is that when I say “It’s all about you, Jesus.” I mean it from my core. I blog because I can. I blog because something I say might help someone else. I blog because God gave me a heart that wants to share His love with the world. And that is why I don’t blog by the numbers.

    Please forgive me if I’ve written too much here. Deleting posts is fair game too. 🙂

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    • “I blog because my heart is restless until I pour it out.” That’s exactly how I feel! I got a fire burning deep within and words that keep flooding into my mind and I have to set them free… on paper. 🙂 And if in the process you can bless someone along the way then that’s even better! If not, at least you got to let it all out somewhere.

      And I agree that sometimes you never know who is reading your blog (and we might be surprised if we did). I met a girl from New York last summer related to one of my relatives (but not me) and when she got back home after visiting WA for a few weeks she randomly texted me and told me that one of her friends told her to read a blog that she followed all the time and when she finally did she realized it was mine (what a small world!) but that was encouraging to hear, because sometimes there are people who read that you never even know about. 🙂

      But in the end, just like you said, it’s never about numbers and all about Jesus! And if it ever starts being about the numbers then it will suck the joy and the purpose out of writing pretty quickly but when we stay focused on who it’s all about they won’t affect and influence us the way they once did.

      May you always keep blogging whatever God places on your heart! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Be blessed Jane!


    • Ah this “if it ever starts being about the numbers then it will suck the joy and the purpose out of writing ”
      You are wise. I end many of my messages to other with this: Treat yourself to joy today. The secret to real joy is Jesus Others You = JOY

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  20. Anna-Excellent post! You’ve conveyed so well how I’ve felt before, hoping that I’m being of service to people. I’ve been disappointed at times when a particular post hasn’t received any views or comments. I’ve reminded myself too the purpose for which God has called me to, as you’ve said “planting.” I no longer look to comments or “likes” to determine our project’s worth or trajectory. I confidently rest in that God has entrusted me with this ministry for His purposes, with or without the stats. Thank you also for posting “A Blogger’s Prayer,” which I’ll share. -Nicole


    • “God has entrusted me with this ministry for His purposes, with or without the stats” Amen! What a powerful statement and much needed reminder for each one of us.

      This can be true for almost any ministry that God calls us to. For us it’s stats, for a pastor it’s attendance, for a business man it’s his net worth and growth. But regardless of the outcome we must always keep on giving that gift that God gave us away and plant on knowing that the fruit will come in people’s lives with His help whether we get to ever see it or not. May you always keep on writing in faith Nicole and may the words God places on your heart bless many lives!


  21. Anna, I enjoy reading your words of wisdom! Your encouragement help me in times of trouble in my daily life. Thank you for the reminder ( “we only have to plant seeds and let God do the rest!” ) We write from the heart! Keep writing!


    • Hi Kalah! Thank you for your words of encouragement. They mean so much to me! I’m glad that God uses His words (which I just happen to be blessed to write) to encourage you as you walk with Him. May you always remain strong in faith through everything that comes your way! Be blessed!!


  22. This is just lovely and perfect and true, Anna. I’ve always told my daughter since the day she was born “Never let anyone else define who you are.” I learned the hard way early in life, for over half my life, that mentality of letting others define me produces no fruit.

    May I share with you a piece I wrote over a year ago that displays my heart on this? I work in media so it started out difficult to separate just because I do it for clients.

    But I quickly prayed through it, gave it all to God, doing only the duties when I feel led to, and separate always the beauties from the duties.

    I’m so glad you your heart gets this… that it’s all His platform, it’s all in His hands anyway. Keep going my friend!


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    • Hi Heather, those are some wise words you told your daughter! The earlier you learn that in life the easier it is to truly fulfill your unique calling and destiny instead of allowing other people to define and influence who you know you are and what you know God calls you to do.

      I read your post and it’s beautiful! Sometimes writing can start feeling like a duty (even when you don’t do it for a job), any ministry or hobby can, and it’s so important to be careful to get back to the basics and remember why we are writing in the first place. Thanks for sharing that with me. 🙂 Be blessed and never stop writing!!


  23. Hi Anna
    I can identify with what you said about checking for likes and comments. It’s a constant challenge! But the important thing is this, we do this for the glory of God. We want to see Him glorified in all that we do…..

    Never stop writing Anna…..!!!! You bring something unique, something only you can bring and God is using that uniqueness to touch people. I want you to think about something, please bear with me.
    We are friends right. If you never started blogging we would never have met and we would not have been friends. I live in Zimbabwe, Africa and yet your posts have encouraged me. And that is just me!!!!! Imagine all the other bloggers you have met and touched because of your writing. I think we can all agree you bring something unique to the table something that can’t be done without! I believe this is just the beginning for you. God sees a much bigger picture when it comes to your writing! Always remember that. There are a lot more people God wants you to touch and impact through your writing……God has an end result when He thinks about your writing. There is something or “things” He had in mind when He gave you the ability to write. Keep on writing and in those times when you are discouraged I pray the Holy Spirit strengthens you and encourages you.
    God bless you……



    • It is definitely a challenge! But I agree, it is through blogging that I’ve met amazing other people walking with Christ through whom I am also encouraged as they share their own story and heart through their blogging. I’m grateful that we get to read one another’s thoughts on faith even though we are worlds apart and I’m glad that I can encourage you in any way through what God has placed on my heart, as you have me many times!

      May we both continue to keep on sharing even at those times when we want to give up, because like you said, there is a much bigger picture out there, and although our writing may play a small role in making a difference, it can be like that little drop of water that starts the ripple effect in blessing someone.

      Thank you for your kind words Rolain! I will keep on writing as the Holy Spirit keeps on prompting me and may you always do the same. Be blessed!!


  24. If in years and years of blogging, only one post touches only one heart, it has still been worth it. If in a lifetime of blogging the only thing achieved is to make God smile, it has still been worth it. Well said and keep going!!


    • I agree! It’s worth it whether it makes a difference for one person or hundreds. And in the end we are doing it for the “audience of One” (God) no matter what audience we have or don’t have here on earth. As long as we please Him that’s all that matters!


  25. Amen Anna! I do the same with checking up on my stats…Most of the time.
    Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement! Love to you and keep blogging. We all get inspired and in turn, inspires other.


    • Hi Channa, It’s good to know I’m not the only one (it’s tempting not to check those numbers and care!) But it’s what God wants that matters most and if there’s things He encourages you to write then they must be shared because (as I have learned) usually there is someone out there that needs to read exactly what you have to say from His heart. May you always blog and inspire everyone through what God places on your heart. Be blessed!!


    • Thanks Peter. I’m glad it was encouraging! It’s always the hardest in the very beginning but if you keep on writing eventually it won’t matter as much. May you never give up! Be blessed!


  26. Hi Anna. I have been blogging for three years. Occasionally, I do a blogging fast for a week or a month. Once, I “fasted” my blog for forty days. It is good to take a break from it but not forever.


    • Hey Scott, I think blog breaks are fantastic! I’ve taken a few myself and each time I was renewed and re-inspired to continue writing more. Sometimes we all need to stop doing things that take up our time and energy no matter how much we love it because it helps us get back to the vision and purpose behind why we started doing it in the first place. 🙂


  27. Glad to see you working through this, Anna. Remember that your heavenly Father always “likes” what you write because it comes from your heart. 🙂 You are an encouragement to many. Blessings to you.


    • Thanks Mel! It’s been a real struggle in the past but even at some moments now. But every time I think I want to stop God keeps putting new things on my heart to share and I just learn to forget my doubts and insecurities and just keep on writing until I have no more words left to write. I’m glad it can be a blessing even in a little way. Thank you for your constant encouragement! (and blog posts that always challenge me). Hope you have a blessed day!


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    • Thanks Diana! I just read your story on your about me page and it’s so inspiring! What a beautiful mission God has called you to, to encourage others who have walked through the same pain that you went through in the past. May you never stop writing and being a blessing to everyone around you!


  29. Great post!! It’s nice to know others out there are going through the same roller coaster of blog emotions. Don’t give up as through your writing I can see you have something special to offer the world! Thx for sharing 🙂


    • Thanks! Yes, I think we all get on that roller coaster (especially when we first start blogging) but once we remember the purpose behind why we write and what it all comes down to in the end those stats that once mattered so much slowly fade in the background and stop playing a role in influencing our emotions and beliefs about what we do. We all do have something special to offer to the world and may we never stop sharing no matter how tough it might be! Hope you have a blessed day!


  30. Wonderful post (and I love the blogger’s prayer!). You have an amazing and encouraging blog, and I’m so glad you never gave up! I can understand the temptation, though. 🙂 God bless!


    • Thanks dear! I love it too! It helps get your heart and mind back at the right place with the right motives before writing. It is tempting to quit (as many other things in life can be) but I know until God inspires me to do something different I will continue pouring out all those words on paper (or more like web) as He pours them into me. 🙂 And may YOU always do the same! Your blog is a blessing and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it years ago!


      • Amen! Thank you! Ever since you came across my blog (it feels like ages, but it wasn’t really that long ago, was it?), you have been one of those encouraging voices that helps me to keep going–both through your posts on your own blog, and your comments on mine. Thank you for letting God speak through you!


  31. Don’t stop blogging!!!! I know the feeling on checking the stats…. I gve been discouraged and I haven’t blogged in a while …. But that is also cause God is teaching me something before I can write about it! But word words are always encouraging to me!!!! So don’t give up! Keep writing for him!


    • Yes, I gave up checking those stats a loooooong time ago (although I still do randomly once or twice a month). I decided that they should not be the determining factor of encouragement or discouragement in writing. I see so many new bloggers start writing and then give up right away because of lack of response and it makes me sad because I think if you have something to say then you should always say it no matter how many people read it or not. Blog breaks are good once in a while too! It’s a great way to be refreshed in Christ before opening up to the world once again. 🙂 May you never stop writing! Be blessed!!


  32. As a fellow blogger, I totally see where you are coming from. I recently came across your blog and it has given me SO much encouragement in the last couple of weeks. Keep it up!


  33. I totally feel you on this! I would write a post that’s really heartfelt and I put a lot of effort into then only get a few or no views and I think it’s not worth it while fun less thought through post get multiples of views.


    • Hi Rushell, I’ve totally been there before. I never fully understand how it works but I do know that at least I had the chance to get it off my mind and on paper (that’s a relief in itself) and if it blessed even one person it’s worth it. And sometimes you’d be surprised that a post you wrote a year or two ago someone might stumble upon randomly and be encouraged by it. As “important” as those initial stats may be sometimes something you write might bless someone later down the road when we have long forgotten about it. 🙂


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