The reflection in the mirror

true beauty, girls, beautiful inner beauty The ideal woman: 5’5, weighs 100 pounds, wears a size 5, has flawless skin, beautiful long hair, and a hot new outfit every day… oh… and let’s not forget the Brad Pitt look alike that’s always by her side.

Who is this girl you might ask?

You guessed it!

The one and only doll that most of us were so fond of when growing – Barbie.

It is she that creates the standard of beauty that most girls try to follow as they grow up.

It used to be that girls began caring about their body image when they reached their adolescence.

Not so anymore.

The typical age when a girl begins dieting in our culture? 8 years old.

Rather than playing outside and having no worries about anything, which is how life should be like at 8 years old, girls are self-conscious about how they look and are going out of their way to keep up a certain image.

Once they get their first job, some girls begin using all their paychecks on the hottest new thing out in the world of fashion.

Others spend hours in front of their mirrors fixing their make-up, doing their hair, and picking out the perfect outfit to wear.

Not to say this is true about everyone, but I’m sure we all fall under one of these categories once in a while.

All of this attention given to make ourselves look good on the outside makes me wonder what it would be like if we gave as much consideration to how we are on the inside?

What if instead of poring over fashion magazines and checking out the latest styles, we would dig deeper into the Word of God?

What if instead of forking out our whole paycheck for the newest designer purse that came out we donate some of that money to the local church we attend?

What if instead of spending half an hour in front of the mirror we spend half an hour on our knees?

Just as spending a few hours taking care of what’s on the outside changes how you look, so spending time taking care of what’s on the inside will transform how you are from the inside out.

Why is it so easy to devote endless amounts of time and energy on our outside appearance and so little to what’s going on inside of our heart?

What if we started seeing true beauty not from the worlds or medias perspective but from God’s?

What if every time you put on that outfit, those shoes, and the make-up you think about what you’ve been doing with your body and putting into your heart?

Next time you apply that rosy pink lipstick think about your lips and the words that have left your mouth.

Have they been truthful, beautiful, and encouraging?

Next time you put on your mascara think about the things you have allowed your eyes to look at and see.

Have they been holy, wholesome, and pure?

Have they searched for people who were hurting or in need?

Next time you put on those flattering high heels think about the places your feet have taken you recently.

Has it been to places where God is honored or places where you’d be ashamed to be found in?

Next time you curl your hair and fix it up just right think about what you have been filling your mind with lately.

Has it been with thoughts about God or has it been consumed with things of the world?

Next time you apply that perfect glossy nail polish on your nails think about what your hands have been doing.

Have they been taking the time to help those who were helpless or in need or have they been kept busy with meaningless things or doing absolutely nothing at all?

We all want to be beautiful.

But often times we look to the wrong place to help us figure out what to do.

We look into the mirror when we should be looking into the Word of God.

We look at the girls on the magazine covers instead of the women of God from the past.

Do you want a Godly image of the ideal woman to follow?

Check out the Proverbs 31 woman.

This woman is rare, trustworthy, kind, works joyfully, disciplined, enterprising, energetic, diligent, generous, provident, elegant, and influential.

The list of valuable characteristics you can work on are endless.

And in the end once you focus on applying those character traits into your own life you will be truly beautiful where it matters most: the heart.

Be blessed and grow in your beauty with Christ! Anna… 

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” -1 Peter 3:3-4

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barbie-girl2beautiful1inner-beauty photo credit: [We Heart It] via Pinterest

20 thoughts on “The reflection in the mirror

    • I know. It is tragic to see girls start worrying about body image at such young ages. It’s always important to be healthy but once it becomes more it can lead to addictions that can take many years to overcome. 😦 Hope you have a lovely Monday Shade!


  1. Reblogged this on Destination Sunshine and commented:
    This is incredible. I strongly believe that inner beauty is the second greatest thing that any of us have. If we look deep enough, we can see how our loving Heavenly Father sees us.


  2. Love It!
    Its crazy how it doesn’t matter what age we are….15 or 30 we still seem to deal with just wanting to be beautiful….
    I wrote a post titled “Its not what she’s wearing, she’s whats IN her heart”. Really good because we can get into the habit of looking at that girl or woman and automatically assume who she is by what she is wearing. When in reality she is what is in her heart.


    • Thanks! I agree. It’s never too early or too late to think about where our beauty comes from and how to cultivate inner beauty daily instead of focus on our outward appearance only. Have a blessed weekend!


  3. Wow…what an awesome post filled with truth and honesty. Thank you for reminding us of what is truly important.

    I wrote a post called “Beloved Daughter” which speaks of true beauty as God sees us.

    Love and blessings,


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