From my heart to yours

FUTURE HUSBAND, DEAR FUTURE HUSBANDI told myself that I would never write you a letter.

Certainly not publicly.

But then again, I also told myself I’d be married with three kids by now and obviously that’s not working out that well for me. 😉

Of course, I would rather much talk to you over some ice-cream as we watch a sunset on the beach, or at the peak of a mountain that we hiked, or over coffee at a local coffee shop, but for now it will just have to be over a computer screen.

I’m not sure who you are or what is going on in your life right now but there is one thing I am certain of: you are one prayed for man.

You have been on my parents, my grandparents, and my teens prayer list for many years now.

I’m not sure if they are praying for you specifically or just the fact that you exist (but any prayer is good, right?) 😉

Many people come up to me time and time again and ask why I’m still single and I ask that question myself sometime.

I usually make up a great excuse for them like that you are a missionary traveling overseas and our paths just haven’t crossed paths yet, or you are in college getting your doctor’s degree (hope you don’t mind, you’ll have to tell them the real truth when you get here.) 😉

But even though I have spent many Valentine’s Days alone when I’d rather have spent them with you I have never truly been alone a single day in my life.

In fact, as I’ve been waiting for you I have already fallen in love with the man of my dreams. (You have nothing to worry about, I promise).

I always believed my happy ending would come with you, but I realized that it would only come with Him.

Growing up I thought my life was supposed to be a fairy tale (thank you Disney) and Prince Charming would show up at my door, sweep me off my feet, and make my life complete.

But as I’ve been falling in love with God more each year He has been teaching me that the only perfect man who exists in this world is Him.

And He alone will fulfill the deepest desires of my heart and meet my greatest needs.

Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to be a perfect fairy tale version of the Prince Charming I’ve always wished you to be, I don’t expect you to fulfill all of my childish fantasies… but I will expect you to fix my car, pick up your socks, and kill spiders for me. (You can’t get off too easy) 😉

Some people’s love stories are so different and unique, like my sister who married her high school sweetheart whom she met when she was fourteen.

Sometimes I wish that were me.

But even though my five-year plan of having met you years ago has crashed, failed, and burned a long time ago I know I will never regret the wait because the girl you would marry today compared to the girl you would have married five years ago wouldn’t be the same one.

God has been molding me, growing me, working on my heart and mind overtime, and developing me into who He wants to be so much over these past couple of years ago that there would be times I would look in the mirror at my reflection and ask “is this really me?

I still have a million things to learn, a million more ways to grow, (hopefully this time with you next to me) but these past years God has opened up to me in so many new ways as He’s helped me discover where I belong and what my calling is.

These years may have been spent without you, but they surely haven’t been wasted on watching too many romantic chick flicks, eating ice-cream, and crying myself to sleep (although some days there were exceptions). 😉

And even though this season in my life has been spent growing in Christ, serving in church, earning my college degree, and making fantastic memories with good friends I certainly can’t wait until I have you next to me to conquer our worlds together, to share my heart and life with, and to serve Christ side by side with.

There are so many people I care about in my life that I just can’t wait for you to meet.

Such as my dad, who is full of wisdom about God, life, and everything in between (I promise you, he’s not as strict as he seems).

And the first time you’ll come over for family dinner my mom will throw you a big ol’ Ukrainian feast (and you better come on empty stomach because she will make you try every dish). 😉

You’ll have to come and meet my teens too. They are one fun (and sometimes a little crazy) bunch so get those running shoes ready because they’ll make you chase footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls around with them.

And even though you’ll have your own group of friends I’m excited for you to meet mine because they make every stranger that comes feel like family so you will have absolutely no problem fitting right in.

But before that day comes when you step into in my life I just want to tell you that not only is my grandma, my parents, and my teens praying for you.

I have been and will always be praying for you too.

Yes, there are moments I doubt that you will ever come and I know that singleness can be a gift of its own, but until my desire to share a life with you ceases or God leads me another way, you will be on my heart, on my mind, and in my prayers.

I pray for protection of your heart, for your love, and for your purity.

That you grow stronger, braver, and more like Christ each day.

That God will give you victory over every battle, every storm, and every temptation that comes your way.

That your life will always be rooted in Him.

And that one day when the time is right He will guide your steps to meeting me.

Until then… I will be waiting…


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37 thoughts on “From my heart to yours

  1. Anna, what you’ve written is very sweet…and just something that i was looking for…i pray that may He answer your prayer…’He just has to say Be and it is’ may He say it now for you and all of us, Amen!


  2. Totally true about maturing and becoming the person God wants for you to be. This is true for myself, what you wrote. Very inspiring. Although when I did not have a clue about who it would be, you know “the one”, I was sure that everything was all set. But there are tests upcoming along the way, because God will always send you two people to choose from, which is even a much bigger challenge. You only waited for one, but GOD wants to see how you learned the lessons He gave you, so now it is up to you to decide and have no doubts. Quite the journey, the journey to the even bigger one!

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  3. Great post Anna … and an excellent letter to your future husband! For just over two decades, I’ve been praying almost every day — rather specifically — for the two awesome men that God is preparing to meet, befriend, date, marry, love and care for my two lovely daughters. May our gracious and sovereign Papa strengthen, bless and introduce just the right guys to my daughters and you!


    • Your daughters are blessed to have a godly father like you to raise them, prepare them for the future, and pray for them every day! May God send the men He is preparing for them at the right time and prepare their hearts for what He has in store for them! 🙂 blessings to you and both of them!


  4. Thank you, Anna, for your wonderful posts! I frequently visit your blog & always leave encouraged. Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your well-written posts! God has you exactly where He wants you 🙂


    • Hi Kyn! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It means so much to know that God blesses even one person with the words He places on my heart!

      May you be blessed and strengthened in your walk with Him daily as you seek Him and place Him in the center of everything. Have a happy Sunday!


  5. Anna,
    I thank you for your blogs. Every time I read them, especially this one, I feel the Holy Spirit working in me. The Holy Spirit has been working on me on this topic and I can now honestly say with a joyful heart that “As I’ve been falling in love with God more each year He has been teaching me that the only perfect man who exists in this world is Him. And He alone will fulfill the deepest desires of my heart and meet my greatest needs.” You phrased it perfectly! It has been a painful journey getting there, but I think I’m finally there. But in all honestly, this post was beautiful and I thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable. God bless you.


    • Hi! Thank you so much for your sweet words. You don’t know how much it means to me to know that what God has put on my heart makes a difference to someone. It is very much a painful journey getting to that place where we realize, believe, and wholeheartedly live knowing that Jesus is the only one in this world who will complete us and satisfy all of our needs. But I’m glad that you and I have both traveled on that journey and have found ourselves at the place where we are fulfilled in Him. May you continue falling deeper in love with Him daily as you walk with Him! Be blessed!


  6. Just a thought that seemed to drop into my spirit as I read this….what if your future husband is overseas? The very one the Lord has picked out for you to be a support and helper to and to be loved by him as deeply as Christ loves the church. Then you would have a decision to make and your faith would be tested. If the Lord were Himself asking you for your willingness to go to him and, like Abraham, go to a land that He will show you then how would you respond to this call? What if he really needs you to complete him in his calling? You could say that you want the Lords will but what if He were to challenge you in this? There is very little teaching these days in regard to women being a helper to their husband because of the age we live in.


    • Hi Angel, that is definitely something that is not talked about often and it is certainly a possibility for some people. I have a friend who moved to Ukraine to live with her husband last year as well as an aunt and uncle who also moved there to start a mission for orphans. It usually is unlikely for most people because they find spouses in their area to marry and it would be a big challenge to move out of your comfort zone into a new place where the only person you know is your husband (or wife) but if that’s what God calls you both to do then He will be with them every step of the way.

      We do get taught very little about how women are supposed to be helpers to their husbands because we are all about being “independent” in our culture but he is called to be the head, above us, who leads the family and if we are supposed to spend the rest of our life with him then we must follow where he will lead us, even if it’s places that we don’t necessarily “want” to go. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


      • Presumably you won’t mind if he isn’t a carrying a doctors degree and is not a missionary but simply loves Jesus and has Him at the very center of his life. Always imagined that Jesus our precious Lord was an utterly dedicated carpenter and did his best unto His father to make great tables and chairs for the folks of the village. 30 years of quietly and humbly serving as a hidden one. Probably never went to school. Certainly had no college degree.

        Yes, and also there are a lot of confusing messages for women within the Body of Christ these days. Women running vast self empowerment ministries and getting very well paid for it. Sadly the feminist spirit of the world has come in through the doors and run rampant so it very encouraging that as a young lady you appear at least to know the balance.

        In respect to your comment about meeting a future spouse in our locality, whatever we may think “likely” in our eyes may not be Gods plan so openness and submission to the Lords will is the key. We sometimes present The Lord with our preconditions whilst claiming to “want His will”. I like that when the angel came to Mary she showed her utter surrender to the Lord as well as her uniqueness in her generation and that her life was set apart from all her friends and family. Their way was not hers. Their road was not hers. She had to follow her path as led by the Lord. For someone who describes herself as a simple girl elsewhere on your blog, her reply is appropriately simple yet history chasing in its power…”be it unto me according to your word”. In other words, “if you say it Lord then I am willing. If it is your will then it is mine” (Luke 1 v 38). You are someone of this level of character, obedience and trust Anna. I have no doubt of this. And then the angel was gone. I am not a real one though!


  7. Beautiful and even though I currently have a BF I know exactly how you feel cause that once was me and still is me in way. I too thought I’d be married by now but have rather taken the time to focus on growing in Christ. Whenever my mind starts to wonder down that road, I simply direct it back to the most important man in my life at the moment JESUS.


    • Thanks Feroza! Jesus should always be our #1 man no matter who else we give our heart to. Life usually takes all of us down unexpected paths and God’s timing is certainly different than our own but as long as we’re walking with Him it doesn’t matter what happens or doesn’t happen on our five-year plan because He knows best where we need to be at what time!


  8. This is truly touching, Anna. I haven’t written my future husband anything like this but in my head I rattle off things you have mentioned. I can tell you, whomever God sends your way is going to be a man who loves you for you and respects you in every way you deserve. I prayed for my future husband for what seemed forever, which was a steadily two years until I found whom I am dating now. We met and I compared my “list” of qualities I prayed over for two years and in the first date he met everyone one except one. My prayers remain over my list and with the man I am dating to become the man has called him to be, a man after God’s heart and a husband to me.

    Through the dating phase of two years, I continue to pray as he has made changes in his life before my eyes. I am still growing as he is too. We are helping each other be the better version of ourselves from when we first met. God is my center and guides my anxious heart, thoughts, and emotions. It’s all worth it as God guides our future.

    I say all this to encourage you to keep praying. It doesn’t stop. You continue to pray for the foundation of what a future relationship will be like for you. No two stories are a like, but the list God helped me form and pray over with God’s voice led me to where I am today. Bless you and your heart!


    • Thank you so much for sharing your story Rachal. It’s so encouraging to not only know that God answers prayers by reading your testimony but also believe that He will do the same for me. Prayer is where it should all begin (and end). I’m so glad that He brought that special someone into your life and that He is helping both of you become more like Him as you put Him in the center of your relationship. May you both continue to grow in your love for one another and for Him in all that you do! (and I will pray the same for myself one day) 😉

      Be blessed always and keep on building a strong foundation on Him daily!♥


  9. Love this Anna! I can relate to your message! Thank you for the reminder! Jesus is the one who fills my cup with his ever lasting love! When it was valentines day, I wrote a letter to my future husband! “Until then… I will be waiting!”


    • Yes! Jesus is the one who fills our cup and once we are content in Him we won’t be searching elsewhere for the satisfaction that He alone can fulfill in our heart and lives. I’m sure your future husband will enjoy reading that letter one day! 😉 May God bless you in your time of waiting and give you peace and joy in Him in everything that you do!


  10. This is encouraging, you have a trend, to read. Singleness…what a big thing to talk about and even more addressed as getting married later in life is becoming normal. Thanks again,(tips imaginary hat bc I can’t wear cool hats that you can tip)


    • Thank you, I appreciate the “hat tip” 😉 Singleness is a fun (and sometimes hard) topic to write about, but when better to write then when you are walking through that season? There’s many wonderful blessings I’ve received and lessons I have learned during this time in my life and I will always appreciate them and use them as I walk farther down this road called life.

      Hope you have a great day!


      • It is a good thing to write about when you are going through them. However, I struggle with the thought of “agenda writing.” Meaning, I blog about singleness to impress someone or seem attractive instead of being me. So I avoided it back in Feb when I almost did that. I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons since and singleness has been a big part of my life in the past few years. It’s not easy being a twenty something and always being asked about relationships.

        Hope you had a delightful day!


        • I agree. It’s not easy to get questions about it often, but you can always find a unique answer to give them (at least I try to find new ones to make it more interesting for myself) 😉 And yes, it can be tempting to blog for the wrong reasons but I’m glad God helped you see that in yourself so that you stopped and wrote from your heart with the right motives. (It’s a lesson we all learn one way or another.)

          I hope you are having a lovely day as well. 🙂 Blessings!


  11. I respect your transparency in this post and truly, you are not alone in your desire to meet the one that God has for you. I am right there with you. Although I appreciate the grooming process God has me in during this season of my life, I too look forward to the moment where I share my life with the man He has for me. He’s An On-time God! #waiting I’ll pray for you and I ask that you too pray for me in this same regard! God bless!


  12. Wow! What an amazing and heartfelt post. Thank you for sharing your heart and vulnerability with us. Yes God has designed your perfect life partner. Now I will be praying along side you, your family and your friends!
    Don’t Rush, Be Patient and God will bring you the man who will complete you!


  13. That’s a great point about being a different person now than you were five years ago. People don’t publicly value personal growth (no one cried in the Notebook because they were happy Noah and Allie got separated and both grew up a bit) but it is really a massive thing.
    You can grow up while you’re with someone, but it is a bit messier that way. Having the chance to mature is a valuable opportunity.


    • Hi Jessica, I agree! The maturing process is so important to go through (both physically and spiritually), and sometimes it’s best gone through alone, and other times it requires other people to be involved but I’m glad that God is using this season I’m in to prepare me for the next one’s to come! It’s certainly not easy at times but I know it will all be worth it at the end!


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