When life brings you to your knees

trusting God, valleyWhen I thought about taking a month off to escape the busyness of the world and seek Christ more I envisioned myself having sweet times of fellowship with Jesus one-on-one with no distractions.

I thought I would dig deep into His Word to draw nearer to Him and get more insight, more direction, and more encouragement for my life.

I thought I would get together with close friends to talk to about God and grow together in Him.

And I did all of those things, but it was no way near to the way I originally imagined it to be.

Yes, I spent hours upon hours of prayer but it was not because I conveniently set time aside to be alone with God.

It’s because I found myself in such a dark place that the only way I knew I would get through was by crying out to Him daily on my knees.

Yes, I spent hours upon hours poring over my Bible but it was not because I wanted to catch up on my Bible reading plan and get insight and conviction for myself

It was because I found myself in the middle of a storm and I knew the only way I would make it out safely to the other side was by holding on tightly to His Word and claiming His truth and promises for myself.

Yes, I spent time talking to my friends about what I was going through, but it was not because it’s just what we normally do but because I needed them not to laugh with me but to hold my hand, to pray for me, and to encourage me.

I went into August thinking it would be this amazing month dedicated to spending time alone with Christ, and it was.

But it seems like the minute you try to get closer to Christ the enemy sees and he attacks you in every single way.

I would get hit with one arrow one week, and after much prayer and reading God’s Word I would make it back up, only to get hit once again.

I was tested, I was broken, I was tempted, and I was tried.

There were moments when I got scared and all I could do was cling to Christ because I knew He was my lifeline.

There were moments when I couldn’t fall asleep because I was worried about what the next day would bring so I would open up my Bible and repeat God’s promises and truth into my heart and mind over and over again.

There were moments I got so hurt and angry at people and situations that I had no control over but I held my tongue and clung to His peace knowing He had even those questionable areas in my life all under control.

There were moments when I felt like God had forgotten me so I dug out my old prayer journals to re-read and be reminded of how faithful He has been in getting me through every single battle, storm, and trial I have ever faced until this day.

There were moments I felt so broken inside all I could do was get down on my knees and pray for God to comfort me and carry my burdens for me.

And the funny thing is I know exactly why my hard days came.

It’s because I prayed a prayer that God answered so faithfully.

I asked Him to help me do hard things in life.

Things that required me to trust in Him.

Things that tested my faith.

And so those hard things came.

See…it’s easy to say “I’ll praise God in the storm” until you find yourself directly in the midst of rolling waves, thundering skies, and a shaking boat.

It’s easy to say “I’ll trust God in the middle of my desert” until you find yourself stuck in the desert, seeing nothing but wilderness ahead, not knowing which path to follow next.

It’s easy to say “I won’t give up” until you are standing directly in front of a mountain with no strength left to take one more step.

It’s easy to say “I won’t worry about tomorrow” until you find yourself staring darkness in the face, not knowing how you will even make it through today.

If there is anything that I learned this month it’s that Jesus is closest when He seems furthest away.

He loves you even when everything starts falling out of place.

And He walks with you every step of the way.

Because storms were never meant to break you but to build you up.

Just like a trainer puts on that extra weight on you to build up your muscle so you can handle even more next time so God allows you to walk through one more storm with Him so your faith in Him will grow as you learn to trust Him in the middle of your chaos, of your brokenness, and your pain so you can be prepared for what is to come.

He allows you to go through hard things so you can have an opportunity to trust and believe that He is truly who He says He is, a gracious Heavenly Father who is faithful to hearing and answering His children’s needs.

I think Deborah put it best in one of here recent posts on her facebook page:

“If you’ve never been sick, how can you know God is your healer?
If you’ve never been broke, how can you know God is your provider?
If you’ve never been hurt, how can you know God is your comforter?
If you’ve never been afraid, how can you know God is your shelter?
If you’ve never been persecuted, how can you know God is your vindicator?

Every situation you face, will be used for God to show His glory in your life.

Every challenge you face, is just a set up for praise.

Never forget that no matter how tough times are.”

There will be some moments in your life when just like in Job’s situation God will ask you “Will you still love me when your world starts falling apart? Will you trust me when what you are walking through makes absolutely no sense? Will you believe in me when the world around you tells you to do otherwise?”

It’s when we are most tempted to run from God and doubt His love for us that we must run to Him even faster and trust Him most.

Never forget that it was in the desert, running from his enemies that David learned there was no battle he couldn’t fight because God would always go before Him.

It was in the prison cell abandoned by his own brothers that Joseph learned that God would never abandon him.

It was being barren at 90 years of age after years and years of waiting, and praying, and probably too many tears that Sarah learned that nothing is impossible for God.

Sometimes God allows valleys, and deserts, and storms into our life simply to show us what He has been showing His children for the last few thousand years: He hears our prayers, He is faithful, and He will always be there.

It is the valleys, and prison cells, and deserts that He molded His greatest warriors of faith.

It is in the fires, and the trials, and in the brokenness that He developed the most beautiful men and women after His own heart.

And as hard as it is to say I am thankful that He took me through my share this month because I know it’s only for my own good and my own growth in Him.

My storm might still rage on but my hope is in the One who can calm it with a single Word from his mouth.

My desert might still extend farther than my eye can see but my hope is in the One who will direct my every step until I reach the Promised Land.

My battle might still continue but my hope is in the One who fights every blow, every shot, and every attack that comes my way.

Never forget that God is good and He is faithful no matter what you are going through today and what you will face tomorrow.

Trials, darkness, and storms don’t exclude anyone.

Hard times will come.

But so will good times.

So will answered prayers.

So will glorious blessings.

So will open doors.

So will victory.

So will healing.

So will a brand new day.

God loves you no matter where you’re at.

If He’s taking you through a difficult season, trust Him.

That’s not your final destination; it’s just a stepping stone along the way.

A challenge made specifically for you to strengthen you for the rest of your journey with Him.

So keep on fighting, keep on trusting, and keep on holding to His promises.

Today is just one day…. He’s not finished with you yet.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! -Anna… ♥

“He calms the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea are hushed.” – Psalm 107:29

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29 thoughts on “When life brings you to your knees

  1. As I read this piece Acts 14:22 again came to my mind. This is a verse the Holy Spirit has been impressing upon me recently as He has been leading me in prayer for the saints who are seeking a deeper walk with the Lord in these days. For sure they are days of great trial. I am aware that entering into a deeper experience of the Kingdom is a very specific and unique matter, of the very deepest kind. It is not child’s play. In fact it comes to us, and we experience it, in various ways. However, trials and tribulations in the earthly realms which we inhabit for a time are a major player in bringing us into something of that reality. It is setting us up for eternity. It us character firming. The Kingdom is what we have been called into and for those who are yearning to yield from a deeper place, the enemy will surely contest us in this. Part of what I have been called to do with my life is to pray for the perfecting of the saints, for the true Bride to come forth and to be presented to the Bridegroom in a worthy manner. This is the deepest of works and the Holy Spirit is for sure stirring those hearts that truly want to lay it all down in order to be found fully in Christ. Let us not underestimate for one moment how fiercely the powers and principalities who oppose this work will continue their war on the saints until the very last. However, be encouraged that God is sovereign over our lives. The book of Job shows us this ultimate sovereignty and the dividing lines of power and authority when it comes to the path we walk. However, the cost is clear and it is not a walk for the faint hearted or those simply playing at church. Jesus was quite explicit in what He asks of His disciples. We each have our own cross, and seasons of the cross.


  2. All the way through this I said, “YES!” I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve been in the storm that not only brought me to my knees but put me on my belly as well when I lost my son. The ONLY thing that brought me through is clinging to Jesus. Trusting Him, hanging on to Him is the vital key. Praise and thanksgiving IN the storm is our lifeline. It ties us to His very Presence. Absolutely! He always takes us through to the other side. He is our Deliverer. You are so right the storm will subside, the clouds pass and sunshine comes. Always! Thanks so much you said it so well. Keep hanging on to His hand and praising His name through it all.


    • “Praise and thanksgiving IN the storm is our lifeline.” I love this Wendy. Our greatest weapon in the middle of trials is to worship God because there is nothing that makes the enemy run faster than when God’s children choose to praise Him even in the darkest of times. I’m so glad that He brought you through your storm and the pain of losing your son. I can’t imagine how much agony and heartbreak you went through because of it but you knew the best person to run to: God, our Almighty Father who comforts us in our deepest hurts and helps us heal and come out strong. May you continue trusting Him through every step He takes you through. Be blessed! ♥


  3. Anna, I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you for sharing this, as it is on time for me. God will take us through situations not only for our character development and shaping, but for others to be molded into his likeness as well. Praise God!


    • Thank you Nicole! I agree, we can’t become more like Christ without going through what He went through (trials and suffering). If we become even a little bit more like Him in the end then it’s all worth it!


  4. Thank you for this. I’ve been in my own valleys / storms / deserts for the past several weeks, hoping to find my way out! Some days I see more clearly than others, but I’m still struggling a lot too. One thing I have learned from these times in the past: there’s always good that I didn’t expect to find, and I now look back on other hard seasons in my life and know it was a rich time. Just hard to keep that perspective in the midst of the struggle! But having the history of seeing that truth does help me believe it will happen again. I hope you’re finding peace and resolution with your hard times! ~ Sheila


    • Hi Sheila! I agree, it’s hard to keep perspective when we are in the center of the storm which is why it’s so good to keep our mind filled with God’s Word as well as to recall past hardships that God got us through. If He did it before He will do it again every time! May God give you the strength to keep holding on to His hope and promises in your trials. In the end we will both have wonderful testimonies of God’s faithfulness in our lives as we continue to trust Him. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day! ♥


  5. Thank You Anna, for all the inspirational writings that you post. I always enjoy them and I am also lifted up by them, and, I am sure that there are many others that are touched by them, God Bless you and all your efforts to further the Cause of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


    • Hi Julia, we WILL both make it through with God next to us! We are in the hands of an unshakeable God, even when our world is shaking we can trust that soon enough He will still our storm and bring us back to safety on the other side. May you continue to trust Him in the middle of yours. Be blessed!


  6. Hi Anna.
    I am glad you are back but even more glad you got to meet with God….Storms will always come. We need to trust Him in those hard times. Thanks for sharing Anna. God bless you…



  7. Thank you for sharing this. It is so critical that we share our testimonies because that is how we overcome our trials. I find myself in that place–in the storm, in the desert, in front of the mountain, in the darkness–and I am really struggling to remember that there is another side. I wrote a post similar to this on Saturday and I question if I even believe the things I wrote. So thank you for your transparency. Your honesty has been a blessing, an encouragement, and a reminder of God’s faithfulness.



    • Hi Lia, it is easy to “trust God” until we have something really big to trust Him for, such as seeing the other side of a trial, a desert, a mountain, or a storm. But we will never grow in our faith without facing any of those things.They are all just opportunities to not only test our faith but also to test God’s faithfulness to us. In the end, when we trust Him, He’ll make a way for us. May you continue to find your strength to go on and keep on trusting God in your journey with Him. Have a blessed day!


  8. What a very encouraging post for everyone who is walking through his/her own desert. It isn’t fun and it isn’t easy, but it will be worth all of the pain and fear when we are able to see Him face to face one day. Your encouraging words blessed me more than you can imagine. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you as you walk in His way.

    Love in Christ,


    • Hi Cheryl! The pain of trials are definitely all worth it in the end when we realize how much stronger and better we come out because of them! I’m so glad that the words encouraged you. May you always hold on tight to God and His love for you through all that you face. Be blessed!


  9. What I love about the storms is how engraved we seem to feel all the while having a peaceful Saviour clinging by our side–should we take His hand, we find even the deep respond to His Voice. And what other way to learn this than being right in it.

    I’m so glad your eyes are still on Him–more on Him than on the storm. He will bring you to victory and preserve you in it, I know because He is great at it–tested and trusted for lifting up.

    God bless you.


    • Hi Buife! Yes, God is always faithful in getting us through every storm in life when we keep our eyes on Him! In the end it’s all just a big trust of faith and whether or not we will believe in His power to overcome and help us make it through or in the power of the storm to bring us down. I’m so glad that He is my anchor in even the shakiest storms because I know that nothing will destroy me when He is by my side. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Have a lovely day!


  10. You are a brave, strong, faithful woman, Anna~!!! I am sorry you had a rough month, but your faith has been tried and proven genuine – worth more than gold to The Lord! He sees all of that!! Thank you for sharing your story. I know it encourages so many of us when we are in hard times! You are a great example of how to weather through! Hugs and prayers, my friend! xoxo


    • Thank you Kate. It has been a little bit rough on my end, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled and overcome with God by my side. He is so faithful in getting me through every time! And I know it’s always worth the pain in the end. (No pain, no gain, right?) There is MUCH wisdom, faith, and strength to gain from our challenges in life, I always try to look at my problems as opportunities to grow deeper in Christ instead of obstacles that are in my way.

      I’m glad you on the other hand had quite a wonderful month! I get so excited when I think about you and the blessing God is sending your way! (with much faith and prayer of course!) I just love seeing how good and faithful God is to those who trust Him without giving up! 🙂 I can’t wait to keep on reading about the rest of your journey in getting there. Blessings to you always! xoxo


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