Waiting for your good ending

hold on, trust God,Growing up I used to think that being blessed by God meant that life would always be good, that my prayers would always get answered just the way I wanted them to, and that I wouldn’t have a care in the world.

Boy was I wrong.

Because sometimes the greatest blessings in our lives don’t come in the form that we’d like them to.

In doors of opportunities that always open when you want them to, in prayers that get answered right as you say them, and in dreams that just fall perfectly into place.

No, some of our best blessings will come from the complete opposite.

From tragedies.

From trials.

From closed doors.

From setbacks.

From unanswered prayers.

From a broken heart and many tears.

I personally love the Bible verse Romans 8:28 but I think often times we misuse it.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

We assume that God will work out the good things in our life for the ultimate good when in reality what it usually means is that God will work out the not so good things in our life for our ultimate good.

There are many stories in God’s Word where this happened but Joseph’s is one of my favorites.

His own brothers sold him into slavery out of jealousy and most likely hate yet when years later he meets them face to face he says what seems like a pretty ridiculous thing.

He tells them that he forgave them a long time ago for what they did to him and that their betrayal, though harsh at the moment, was actually meant for his own good at the end.

That the very thing that was intended to harm him and destroy his life God used to accomplish his will and save many lives (Genesis 50:20)


What wisdom and I’m sure many years of questions and prayers it took for Joseph to finally reach that place where he understood it so clearly and personally that what was bad at that moment many, many years ago was really meant for his best.

Sometimes it takes us just as long to see how our own trials are actually blessings in disguise.

What has the enemy put in your life to destroy you today?

That job you were let go of?

That relationship that ended?

That dream that was rejected?

Joseph didn’t see how the betrayal of his brothers could possibly work out for his good until much later in life and most likely won’t too.

At the moment it looked like his dreams were shattered.

It looked like his future was bleak and void of purpose.

It looked like he reached his end.

Maybe that’s what you feel like at the moment too.

In your heartbreak, in your hurt, and in your tragedy you can’t see how anything good can come out of it.

You feel the pain today the same way Joseph felt the brunt of the betrayal for many days.

But in your pain you must remember that with time God will help you get back up on your feet and turn your story around because if there’s anything God does best it’s redeem the ugly things in our lives and turn them into something beautiful.

God’s story with Joseph didn’t end with his abandonment and betrayal.

It ended with Joseph rising above and fulfilling the dreams of his younger years.

If you trust God He will redeem your setback, your tragedy, and your pain, and the story He is writing for your life will have a beautiful ending too no matter how messy, how broken, and how ugly some chapters were.

Joseph’s chapters included being betrayed by his brothers, being accused of something he didn’t do, being locked up in a jail cell for years.

It wasn’t pretty.

But in the end, God turned it into something amazing.

And so He will do with you.

Don’t get scared if the chapter you are in right now is hard, if you have no idea how you will get out, and you don’t know what good can come of it.

It might take a few setbacks, a few trials, and a few storms along the way, but He’ll get you exactly where you need to be.

Even my last month that turned out so far from expected all it did was strengthen my faith Christ and help me be reminded of who was there with me all along in the dark and who would help me reach the other side.

No, I don’t necessarily want to be in that place again.

I don’t want questions, and tears, and burdens, and sleepless nights but what if what Laura Story sings in her song “Blessings” is true?

What if blessings do come through raindrops?

What if healing for our heart, mind, body, and soul does come through tears?

What if it does take a thousand sleepless nights and days of darkness to really know that God is near?

What if the trials that mean to destroy us, break us, and leave us abandoned and hopeless are really just mercies in disguise?

Joseph’s blessings came through betrayal and brokenness.

And most of my blessings in life have come from the dark seasons that I had to walk through where the only person I knew I could hold onto was Jesus.

Yours will too.

The enemy is out to destroy you but God is out to bring you victory and redeem you.

The enemy might knock you down but he can’t take you out.

Not when you have a God that will take the pain of today and fashion it into a greater purpose for tomorrow.

Be blessed and never stop trusting God’s faithfulness in getting you through!-Anna… ♥

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17 thoughts on “Waiting for your good ending

  1. This was so inspirational post to read, i have had a hard day and i felt led to come online and read one of your posts and here i am! i was asking myself earlier when will life get better……. but i forgot that God will use these times to bless me. because he IS FAITHFUL! praise God. and thank u xx


    • Yes they will Kristine! I’m glad this was encouraging to you. May God continue to remind you daily of His faithfulness and love toward you and carry you through any battle and storm that you are facing! Be blessed and stay strong in Him!


  2. thank you thank you thank you Anna! How true this is, and just the reminder I needed today. I guess sometimes we like to think we know better than God, what’s good for us and how this world should be run. But if I take the time to Be still in His presence and really think about that, then I know it’s crazy! But sometimes it’s just so hard to trust.


    • No, it’s definitely not easy to always trust God which is why there are so many Bible verses that remind us to (especially during trials we are facing). It’s comforting for me to know that God always uses the not so great seasons in my life for growth and that sometimes those situations that make no sense to me at the moment one day will, and even if they don’t I can always trust that they are for my best.

      It’s a blessing to read the stories of so many men and women from the Bible and the journey God took them on so that we can be encouraged on our own journey with Him. They are all such incredible examples of how to lean on God and be faithful to Him no matter what comes our way!


  3. A few days ago I wrote about how God used my pain to draw me closer to Him. Your post resonated with me well and I agree with all that you said. Indeed, what God wants from us is our total dependence on Him no matter what the circumstances. 🙂


  4. Oh Anna…..Thank you again for your encouraging words. Thank you for praying for our family in the past. Our son, Daniel, is in jail again, but he is being sent to rehab next week. It has been many years of trials, and waiting to see where God is taking us with all of this. I know that this is all happening for our good, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine how it could be. Our plans are not God’s plans, but God has our lives mapped out for us, and he knows the way to heaven for us. Your writings have gotten me through many dark days and I thank you for always reminding me of God’s promises. Please pray for us again. We could use all the prayers we can get. God bless:)


    • Hi Chris, I’m so sorry to hear about Daniel being in jail again but I’m happy that he will be receiving the help that he needs at rehab. May God not only restore his health but also his heart and soul during this season in his life. I’ll be praying for peace and joy for you in the midst of this trial and for his full restoration. Never stop praying! God hears and listens no matter how far away He seems. Be blessed.


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