A time to give

CHRISTMAS GIFTSI don’t know if anyone has ever told you that Christmas is not about the gifts, but if they did then they were lying.

Christmas always was, Christmas always is, and Christmas will ALWAYS be about the gifts.

It’s about a gift so grand that you would never be able to find it at the shopping mall.

It’s about a gift so priceless that no amount of dollar bills could purchase it.

It’s about a gift so big that no Christmas tree would be large enough to place it under.

It’s about a gift that was sent long ago from the arms of heaven into the heart of men.

See, Christmas is all about the gifts.

Because it began with the greatest gift of all.

The gift of a beautiful baby boy names Jesus who came to bring freedom, peace, hope, and a future for you and I.

When I think about Christmas often times it brings me to tears because I am overwhelmed by what it means.

Because Christmas day, the day we celebrate with much joy and excitement, was the day Jesus began the journey to become the ultimate sacrifice for us.

It was the day Jesus left His heavenly throne where He was surrounded by angels to come down as a baby in a manger and be surrounded by sinful man.

It was the day He left walking on streets of gold to walk on poor man-made dirt roads.

It was the day He left the praises of angels and saints for the cruel cries of the people He came to save.

It was the day He left His glorious crown behind for a crown made of thorns.

It was the day the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Almighty Creator of the universe offered Himself to be the savior of the world.

What we celebrate as our redemption gift on Christmas morning was the first breath, the first moments, the first steps Jesus took into fulfilling His death sentence here on earth.

And that is why Christmas will always be about the gift.

Not the one under the tree.

But the One who hung on the tree.

If you ever doubt how loved, how worth it, and how cherished you are then this Christmas remember this: Jesus thought YOU were worth leaving heaven for.

He traded in golden streets, glorious worship, and His heavenly crown to live in a dark, sinful, and cold world for YOU.

And He would do it all again if He had the choice to.

On Christmas day Jesus gave the greatest gift any of us will ever receive in this world: Himself.

And this Christmas you can give Jesus the same gift back to Him that He wants more than anything else: yourself.

I know it’s the season for standing in too many long lines at the shopping mall.

I know it’s the season for running around from one celebration, party, play, and church event to another.

I know it’s the season for being constantly surrounded by your family and friends.

… and I also know that in the midst of all of the celebration, festivities, and fun we neglect the very One that Christmas is all about.

It’s like we come to someone’s birthday party but instead of putting that person in the center focus we put them somewhere in the background.

We sing songs about him, but not to him.

We give presents to one another, but not to him.

We spend time with our family and friends and everyone else that happens to be there, but not with him.

And then on Christmas morning we wake up and we get excited because we remember that it’s time to celebrate the coming of a man that bears good gifts. Except the man our kids are excited for is Santa Clause, not Him.

And the gifts we can’t wait to open are the ones that are wrapped under the tree.

Isn’t it ironic? The very season that is meant to celebrate Jesus is often times the one where we get the furthest away from Him.

So this year lets make it different.

This season as you sing your carols, decorate the Christmas tree, attend festive parties, and wrap up all of those gifts that you can’t wait to give don’t forget to do one more thing: give a gift to the One who gave it ALL for you.

Give a gift to the One that Christmas would lose all meaning without.

Give a gift to the One who left heaven for you.

Give a gift of your undivided attention and time.

Get on your knees early in the morning or late at night, or even in the middle of the day when you still have 3,455 things to check off of your to do list and just pray to Jesus, read His Word, or sing Him a song.

Simply put everything else on hold so that you can be with Him.

Because He put heaven on hold to be with you.

And your schedule, your activities, and your shopping list will never compare to that.

This Christmas make it about the gift.

The gift that you received in a manger more than two thousand years ago.

And the gift of love that you can give back to Him as you spend time with Him.

Jesus, one Christmas morning found you lying in a manger, surrounded by shepherd men, in a little town of Bethlehem. It was that Christmas that changed this world forever. That Christmas that God came down as man. Thank you for leaving it all behind for every single one of us. For this world that doesn’t deserve your grace, your blood., and your love. Help me make it all about you this Christmas by spending time in your sweet presence, just like all those Christmases ago you made it about me. Thank you for always being the greatest gift I will ever receive. Amen. –Anna… 

14 thoughts on “A time to give

  1. You were so on point Anna.
    In a season where it’s supposed to be about Jesus we have made it about other things. He us the main reason we celebrate Christmas! Thank you for making that crystal clear!

    I was challenged when you said:

    We sing songs about him, but not to him.

    We give presents to one another, but not to him.

    We spend time with our family and friends and everyone else that happens to be there, but not with him.

    You are right, but that will change today!

    He is the main attraction! God bless you Anna!


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  2. Reblogged this on Beautiful Ashes and commented:
    I had to re-blog this beautifully anointed post by the wonderful, spirit filled Anna from her blog ‘Daughter by Design’. This blessed me beyond measure and put many things into perspective. Let our King Jesus be praised and glorified this season and always.


  3. Amen!! Wow Anna, just wow. I for one will be making sure from this point onwards that my children know Christmas is all about King Jesus and not Santa. I was finding it difficult to express for some bizarre reason, but the Holy Spirit has used you to bring a beautiful clarity for me. Praise God!!


    • I’m so glad the Holy Spirit helped bring clarity to you through this post. It’s easy for kids to get caught up in the excitement of Santa and presents so I can only imagine how hard it must be to point them towards the true meaning of Christmas and help them see it’s all about Jesus at the end and everything else is just extras. I pray that God will give you wisdom to do just that for them in your own personal way. Be blessed! ♥

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  4. Loved reading this. Well written and so true. I just shared it on facebook… in the hope that many will start to remember the true gift ❤ – when love came down to us.
    "And that is why Christmas will always be about the gift.
    Not the one under the tree.
    But the One who hung on the tree."
    – Beautifully put!


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