God of the Valley


Some of life’s greatest lessons are not learned in a classroom but in the crevice of a dark valley.

Sometimes you grow closest to Christ not in the seasons of prosperity, laughter, and joy, but in seasons of loss, trials, and tears.

Because it takes going through hardships that test your faith to believe God is who He says He is and to trust Him completely when your world seems like it’s crumbling beneath your feet.

I know Jesus is a provider but it wasn’t until I lost my job out of nowhere and needed a new job that I knew He was MY provider.

I know Jesus is a healer, but it wasn’t until a tumor was discovered in my mom’s brain that I learned He was OUR healer.

I know Jesus is a comforter, but it wasn’t until my heart was broken that I learned He was MY comforter.

I know Jesus is a protector, but it wasn’t until I almost had a head-on car collision on the road that I learned He was MY protector.

I know Jesus is a friend, but it wasn’t until most of my close friends disappeared one by one and I felt utterly alone that I learned He would always be MY best friend.

I know Jesus is my anchor, but it wasn’t until I found myself in the middle of my own storm that I realized He was MY anchor and hope.

These are a few things I’ve experienced over the years.

I wouldn’t wish any of these circumstances upon anyone and although at the time each one of them was confusing, trying, discouraging, and hard I don’t regret experiencing them because it was during the darkest, hardest, and most challenging seasons in my life that I grew deeper in Christ and learned to trust Him the most.

Sometimes it takes walking through a desert to learn that God is a promise keeper.

Sometimes it takes being tossed around in the middle of storm to learn that God is your anchor.

Sometimes it takes getting to a place where you feel like you have nothing left to learn that God is your provider.

Every trial is an opportunity to grow deeper in Christ.

Beautiful things come out of brokenness.

I have a few testimonies of this truth.

I’m sure you do too.

And there are men and women in the Bible who could share their own testimonies along with ours.

Daniel learned that God was a protector in a lion’s den.

Joseph learned that God was faithful even while he was sitting in a jail cell.

Moses learned that God was a provider in the middle of a desert.

The trial may look different, the circumstance may not be similar to yours, but the outcome is always the same: you learn to have faith in God in a brand new way.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a situation that has left you feeling lost and broken.

Maybe you are facing a trial that is threatening to defeat you.

Maybe your circumstances are so hard it’s difficult to believe a better day will come.

I just want to remind you that God if faithful and He is good.

Sometimes His goodness is evident in favor, blessings, and good circumstances.

And sometimes His goodness is evident in Him giving you the strength, faith, and patience to get through hard circumstances.

Either way, He is faithful, He is in control, and He is good.

He will carry you through this trial and build you up, draw you closer, and help you know Him in a deeper way because of it.

Being Christian doesn’t mean life becomes easier.

It just means you have someone who loves you more than you can imagine to face all of life’s storms, trials, and battles with.

Never forget that. With Jesus you can make it through anything.

I believe that this will be your testimony as it has been mine over the years.

What has left me broken in the past only ended up building me up stronger.

What has left me empty in the past only gave me an opportunity to learn that God would always be more than enough.

What has left me feeling vulnerable and under attack in the past only showed me that God would fight for me and protect me every step of the way.

God has been closest during the darkest seasons of my life and He is with you during your dark seasons too.

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” -Psalm 23:4

I don’t know what your valley looks like today.

Maybe you lost your job, received a difficult health diagnosis, someone you love deeply disappointed you, you failed, or feel rejected, or you are in a situation that is too hard to handle.

Whatever it may be, you have nothing to be afraid of.

God is with you in your valley today.

And He will be faithful to bring you through to the other side.

I pray that this season will teach you that God is a healer, a provider, a protector, a promise-keeper, a miracle-maker, and your closest friend.

May He restore hope, joy, and peace.

May He draw you closer to Him.

And may He create something beautiful out of your brokenness.

Please know that I am always here to pray for you if you or a loved one has a need or if you are going through a difficult season. You can e-mail me at daughterbydesign@hotmail.com. Have a blessed week! -Anna… ♥

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22 thoughts on “God of the Valley

  1. I thank the good Lord for allowing me to come across such a blessed post of yours,it’s truly soothing to my body mind and soul.It has strengthened me physically and also spiritually.Thank you very much.Take care.🌹🙏😊


  2. “Beautiful things come out of brokenness”… Lovely. I think of how fall is the most beautiful season to me; the leaves turn gorgeous shades of red, orange, yellow as they prepare to disappear for the arrival of winter… who knew dying could be so breathtaking. When we go through tough times a part of us “dies”… we relinquish our control and plan for our life, for God’s PERFECT plan. Spiritually we are pruned, but beautifully we come forth as His Devine workmanship! Great post and reminder 🙂 God bless!

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  3. “Sometimes it takes walking through a desert to learn that God is a promise-keeper.” I love that sentence because it is so true. I have found that to be the truth that rings throughout all times. In the Bible God always showed who and how sovereign and faithful He was to all of His people. Over and over again He was there and did not fail them. Even when they failed Him out of disobedience, and got themselves into a difficult situation, He never left nor forsook them.

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  4. Thank u so much Anna,you have given me hope that in the valley I am facing I am not alone…u have given me hope.
    I thank God for providing us with you you are a real inspiration

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  5. You are so right! God uses our trials and hardships as training ground to exercise and grow our faith muscles. This is one truth that has been cemented in my mind especially through two tragedies of the loss of my husband and years later losing my son. I have learned if I can approach each trial or tragedy in my life knowing it will grow me closer to Him and teach me more about Him, I am one step ahead. And if I can praise and thank Him for the trial going into it, I am even farther ahead of the game. With the praise and thanksgiving comes acceptance and with acceptance He is able to work in my life and I am acutely aware of His comfort. This makes a difficult trial a bit easier, but still I must run to Him for refuge and strength and all things needed to walk through the storm, next to His side. I love your insight and understanding of this. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement.

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    • Hi Wendy! I’m so sorry to hear that you lost both your husband and your son. 😦 I wish no one had to experience such loss and pain in this life. But I’m glad that even through seasons of tragedy you were able to draw near God and even praise Him and thank Him when most people would want to do the complete opposite. That’s absolutely incredible. It’s always comforting to know that even in the middle of the hardest trial God is with us and we can turn to Him for strength, and peace, and hope. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s encouraging to hear your story. May God bless you and keep drawing you closer to Him always. ♥

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  6. Awesome encouragement, Anna. There’s a song we’ve been singing at our church called, “Take Courage” by Kristene DiMarco. The song has really resonated with so many because of the things you shared here. Here’s the chorus:

    Take courage, my heart
    Stay steadfast, my soul
    He’s in the waiting
    He’s in the waiting
    Hold on to your hope
    As your triumph unfold
    He’s never-failing
    He’s never-failing

    That says it all. It’s in the waiting where we go deeper and are made stronger. It’s where we find out He’s never-failing!

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