Spring Will Come


It is currently winter here. The mornings are frosty and cold. The nights are icy and dark. The trees that once held bright colored leaves in colors of yellow, orange, and red now stand empty and bare. It can be a sad sight to behold.

Just recently while driving to a friend’s house to prepare for a celebration I happened to drive passed a grassy field full of bare, empty trees. And looking at them I immediately became sad because I felt like in many ways they so accurately resembled the current state in life that I was feeling at the moment. I felt bare, empty, and lonely on the inside. But as I kept on driving a thought crossed my mind: I took a walk by those trees last Spring and instead of being bare, lonely, and empty they were blooming with pink and white cherry blossoms and they looked vibrant and full of life.

And it reminded me once again of something I have learned many years ago. Seasons come and go.

God created earthly seasons in nature and we have seasons in life too. Some seasons come with rain- a lot of pain, suffering, and tears. Some seasons come with sunshine –  a lot of happiness, peace, and excitement. Some seasons come with the blooming of new flowers, a new direction in life, a new beginning. Other seasons come with the changing and falling of leaves, old things are left behind, circumstances change, an end comes. Each season on earth is special and unique in its own way and I’m so grateful that God creatively designed each one for us to enjoy.

Just like there are “earthly” seasons there are also spiritual and life seasons we all walk through. Nothing illustrates this clearer than the passage found in Ecclesiastes 3 which talks about there being “a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (v. 1).  At the moment a certain season might feel like it will never end, but eventually just like Summer fades into Fall, and Fall leads into Winter, Winter turns into Spring, and Spring once again brings forth Summer, our seasons of life change as well.

Today, I don’t know what season you find yourself in but I want to remind you of this truth if you are currently in a season of Winter: your Spring will come.

Not just physically, but spiritually. You may have things that feel desolate, empty, or dead in your life. Maybe you have lost hope for something, maybe a dream that used to make you feel alive has died, maybe a desire you once had has faded away, maybe you have given up on a prayer you have prayed for weeks, months, and years that has remained unanswered.

Today you may have no answer. Today you may feel empty. Today you may feel discouraged. Today you may feel alone. Today you may find yourself in the middle of a cold, dreary Winter but have faith… your Winter won’t last forever.

New beginnings are coming.

Open doors are coming.

Answered prayers are coming.

Resurrection of hope and dreams are coming.

Don’t give up when life seems bleak, hopeless, and uncertain. It may be Winter now… but Spring is on its way.

And while you wait for your season to change you can hold on to truth written in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” How many difficult seasons has Jesus gotten you through? How many battles has He fought for you? How many times has He provided for you at just the right time? He is the same Jesus who cares about your every need and is walking with you today.

There may be setbacks, there may be waiting, there may be trials, there may be seasons of Winter that feel like they have no end but in the end God will always provide a way out, an open door, an answer, and a victory.

Trust Him with your tomorrow because He was faithful to you yesterday. He didn’t fail you then and He won’t fail you now. Your future is always secure when you walk with Christ.  He will bring you out of your Winter season into a beautiful Spring full of vibrant life.

Praying for God to be the One you find joy in every season of life, especially this one.-Anna… ♥

6 thoughts on “Spring Will Come

  1. Hello Sister in Christ, i love your blog and i feel that your Blogs are written by the holy Spirit. Your Blog about the spring has given me new hope and my heart have new joy. God bless you, love Cinthia


  2. Just what I needed to hear, Anna! I am definitely in a season of winter and struggling with a weary faith but this post was an encouragement as I continue to cling to God’s promises even now. Thanks!


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