For the Single Ladies ♥

Here are some fabulous posts on singleness that you might enjoy reading. ♥

Praying for your husband – Anna Bachinsky

Dear Single Woman – Mandy Dobbelmann

A Single Disorder– Coleen York

Your “Happily Ever After” won’t look like everyone else’s – Mandy Hale

I’m single and I’m giving up – Lauren DeMoss

I don’t wait anymore – Grace for the Road {blog}

Why I’m done “preparing” for Marriage– Allison Meggers

Single Woman, Keep Waiting– Jervy Fermin

Dear “Dear Future Husband” – Jarrod Terry

My husband is not my soul mate – Hannah Stone

The Idol of “I Do” – Lauren DeMoss

I May Never Wear A Wedding Dress – Anna Bachinsky

26, Unmarried and Childless – Amanda Bast

12 Dating Traps – Russell Korets

Single, Satisfied, and Sent – Marshall Segal

Where is my Adam? – Heather Lindsey

How I knew my husband was “The One”– Heather Lindsey

Waiting On My Love Story– Anna Bachinsky

For the single woman: Don’t Settle – Heather Lindsey

Relationship status: [STILL] Single. – Lauren DeMoss

Giving up Fill-In-Maybe men – Kristie Vosper

Blessing of Singleness:The pain of rejection – Fabs Hartford

Blessing of Singleness:Losing control – Fabs Hartford

Blessing of Singleness: Loneliness – Fabs Hartford

Dear Single Girl -Anna Bachinsky

We would rather have Ryan Gosling as our Jesus – Emily Sledge

Where’s my ring??! – Heather Lindsey

Overcoming the challenges of being single – Erin Lamb

I Feel Like the Girl in 27 Dresses! When Will It Be My Turn? -Jordan Lee

He Promised Me -My Sweet Jesus Blog

Why I’m Glad I Couldn’t Skip My Season of Singleness -Tiffany Dawn

Culture’s Worst Lies About Falling in Love -Rachel Watson

A Dangerous Fairytale for Future Wives -Liz Wann

Why Do Churches Treat Singleness Like a Problem? -Rachel Karman

Why There’s No Such Thing As a Soulmate -Debra Fileta

Be blessed!Anna… ♥

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17 thoughts on “For the Single Ladies ♥

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  2. Thank you for the shout-out for single ladies! It’s especially difficult to navigate after late-life divorce and the piece about surviving single in church helps. Now I’d better look for a church with a singles ministry!


    • Brook, I think every church needs a singles ministry. More people (now than ever before) are single, whether it’s due to getting married later or the loss of a spouse, and it’s important to have people to connect with that are in the same season of life as you. I hope you can find one in your area that you can get plugged into! 🙂 Be blessed.


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