For the Single Ladies ♥

Here are some fabulous posts on singleness that you might enjoy reading. ♥

Praying for your husband – Anna Bachinsky

Dear Single Woman – Mandy Dobbelmann

A Single Disorder– Coleen York

Your “Happily Ever After” won’t look like everyone else’s – Mandy Hale

I’m single and I’m giving up – Lauren DeMoss

I don’t wait anymore – Grace for the Road {blog}

Why I’m done “preparing” for Marriage– Allison Meggers

Single Woman, Keep Waiting– Jervy Fermin

Dear “Dear Future Husband” – Jarrod Terry

My husband is not my soul mate – Hannah Stone

The Idol of “I Do” – Lauren DeMoss

I May Never Wear A Wedding Dress – Anna Bachinsky

26, Unmarried and Childless – Amanda Bast

12 Dating Traps – Russell Korets

Single, Satisfied, and Sent – Marshall Segal

Where is my Adam? – Heather Lindsey

How I knew my husband was “The One”– Heather Lindsey

Waiting On My Love Story– Anna Bachinsky

For the single woman: Don’t Settle – Heather Lindsey

Relationship status: [STILL] Single. – Lauren DeMoss

Giving up Fill-In-Maybe men – Kristie Vosper

Blessing of Singleness:The pain of rejection – Fabs Hartford

Blessing of Singleness:Losing control – Fabs Hartford

Blessing of Singleness: Loneliness – Fabs Hartford

Dear Single Girl -Anna Bachinsky

We would rather have Ryan Gosling as our Jesus – Emily Sledge

Where’s my ring??! – Heather Lindsey

Overcoming the challenges of being single – Erin Lamb

I Feel Like the Girl in 27 Dresses! When Will It Be My Turn? -Jordan Lee

He Promised Me -My Sweet Jesus Blog

Why I’m Glad I Couldn’t Skip My Season of Singleness -Tiffany Dawn

Culture’s Worst Lies About Falling in Love -Rachel Watson

A Dangerous Fairytale for Future Wives -Liz Wann

Why Do Churches Treat Singleness Like a Problem? -Rachel Karman

Why There’s No Such Thing As a Soulmate -Debra Fileta

Be blessed!Anna… ♥

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17 thoughts on “For the Single Ladies ♥

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  2. Hey thanks for the likes on my page. We have same name! hehe. Thanks for putting all these together, I’ll be sure to read them and share them with my friends! ❤ Ana Bella


  3. Thank you for the shout-out for single ladies! It’s especially difficult to navigate after late-life divorce and the piece about surviving single in church helps. Now I’d better look for a church with a singles ministry!


    • Brook, I think every church needs a singles ministry. More people (now than ever before) are single, whether it’s due to getting married later or the loss of a spouse, and it’s important to have people to connect with that are in the same season of life as you. I hope you can find one in your area that you can get plugged into! 🙂 Be blessed.


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